Saint Joseph: The Patron Saint of Real Estate

Sep 10th 2023
Saint Joseph is the patron saint of home sales and all things real estate. Many people even believe that he can help you sell your home quickly and for a good price.  

Let’s be honest selling a home can be highly stressful, arduous, and can time-consuming. There’s listing, marketing, offers, showing, paperwork, negotiations, etc. The stressful situations seem to pile up constantly. Yes, more often than not, home sellers feel like they need some sort of a miracle for their sale to go through smoothly. They might be left looking for any outlet, any morsel of luck, anything to improve their chances at selling.

hash-markSaint Joseph the Patron Saint of Selling Houses

Most sellers look for obvious or easy ways to take the stress out of the home selling process, such as hiring a professional real estate agent. But when a home seller finally gets to their wit’s end, which is common, unfortunately, they might be tempted to look up who the patron sale of home sales is. Yes, that’s right, there actually is a patron saint of home sales, and his name is Saint Joseph. Actually, it’s not uncommon for people to bury a statue of Saint Joseph in their yard in order to bring on good selling fortune and the hope of a successful closing.

hash-markWhy Is Saint Joseph the Patron Saint of Real Estate?

Saint Joseph isn’t just the patron saint of selling houses. He’s the patron saint of real estate in general. Many home sellers believe that Saint Joseph watches over the sale of their home, from the first inklings of a potential sale all the way until closing. After all, many things can go wrong during the home selling process, so why not ask for a little bit of extra luck and guidance from Saint Joseph? But the strange thing is that no one really knows the historical reasons behind why or how Saint Joseph actually became the patron saint of home sales. But regardless, many people have faith that he can help them with the process.

hash-markWhat Does Saint Joseph Do, Exactly? 

Well, Saint Joseph is supposed to help keep the home sales process organized from the moment your house gets listed all the way until you hand over the keys. He watches over home sellers to make sure that the process goes as smoothly as possible. Many home sellers believe that he just generally guides them, while others believe that he’s so involved that he might do something as specific as cluing you into the smell of a candle that could set off allergies of a potential home buyer. He might watch over your home while it’s being prepared for showing. He may help you ensure that the closing process isn’t stressful or that buyers don’t back out at the last minute. 

hash-markPatron Saint of Real Estate Bottom Line

While some people don't really believe there is a patron saint of real estate who can influence how smooth a home purchase sale can go, there are many who do. If you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed about the process, what’s the harm in burying a statue of Saint Joseph in your yard, just to make sure? After all, it’s not going to do any damage, and who knows, it could help you out! There’s nothing wrong with having a little bit of faith.

That being said, Saint Joseph might be the patron saint of selling homes, but he is no replacement for a professional real estate agent. We strongly suggest that you don’t rely solely on Saint Joseph’s miracle-working when selling a home and make sure you hire a professional realtor to guide you through the process.