Safest Neighborhoods in New Orleans

By PropertyClub Team
Jun 20th 2024
New Orleans is a great city for tourists, professionals, and party-goers alike. With its distinct Colonial French and Caribbean vibe, it’s no wonder why New Orleans is an alluring place to visit or live. However, despite its charm, New Orleans has a crime rate well above the national average. Despite this, there are still many neighborhoods that offer safety. Here are the eleven safest neighborhoods to live in New Orleans.

hash-mark11 Safest Neighborhoods in New Orleans

  1. West End
  2. Old Aurora
  3. Lake Shore-Lake Vista
  4. Gentilly Woods
  5. French Quarter
  6. Central Business District
  7. Lafitte
  8. Gentilly Terrace
  9. St. Roch
  10. Lakeview
  11. Central City

hash-mark1. West End

The safest neighborhood in New Orleans is the West End. This area offers a great mix of suburban living, safety, and affordability. West End offers plenty of outdoor activities, including fishing at Lake Pontchartrain, where many residents choose to live along the waterfront in boathouses. West End is 94% safer than other New Orleans neighborhoods, making it a great place to live. Home prices are also reasonable in the West End. With a median home price of $181,000, West End is affordable. 

hash-mark2. Old Aurora 

Old Aurora is another one of the safest places to live in New Orleans. This neighborhood is located across the Mississippi River from the French Quarter and is perfect for families and retirees. Aurora has a great view of the downtown skyline while being within driving distance of most of the city’s major attractions. Old Aurora is 77% safer than other neighborhoods in New Orleans and has a low violent crime rate. It is home to many golf courses and open parks, as well as a variety of dining options. 

hash-mark3. Lake Shore-Lake Vista

Another one of the safest neighborhoods in New Orleans is Lake Shore, which is a subdistrict of Lakeview. With a population of just over 2,200, Lake Shore’s total crime rate is 1,191 per 100,000, making it 66% safer than the Louisiana average. Lake Shore has great beach access within walking distance of the neighborhood. Lake Shore offers nearby parks, biking paths, and access to nearby Lake Pontchartrain. The median home price in Lake Shore is $440,800. 

hash-mark4. Gentilly Woods

Another one of the safest neighborhoods in New Orleans is Gentilly Woods. Gentilly Woods has a crime rate that is 64% lower than the New Orleans average. It’s a family-friendly area with good schools and relatively affordable housing options​. Gentilly Woods is a great place to live as it offers a safe, peaceful living environment while still being relatively close to the vibrant city center. 

hash-mark5. French Quarter

Easily the city’s most recognizable neighborhood, the French Quarter is famous for its vibrant nightlife and the iconic Bourbon Street. With a population of 3,286, the French Quarter has a relatively low crime rate compared to other parts of New Orleans. It’s actually safer than the US average. The entire neighborhood is designated as a National Historic Landmark and serves as a major tourist destination during Mardi Gras. 

hash-mark6. Central Business District

Central Business District offers a mixture of high rises, stylish hotels, and a wide variety of dining options that stay true to New Orleans cuisine. The Central Business District is home to the Orpheum and Saegner theatres, which play concerts and musicals. Central Business District is a subdistrict of the French Quarter and serves as the downtown of New Orleans. If you’re looking for a great location and convenience, then look no further! 

hash-mark7. Lafitte 

Lafitte is a safe New Orleans neighborhood that is known for its abundance of jazz clubs, soul food, and strong Creole heritage. Lafitte is known for being a small neighborhood with lots of character, with many buildings that were built during the city’s colonial era. Lafitte is also home to some of the oldest graveyards and associated voodoo traditions in New Orleans, some dating back centuries. 

hash-mark8. Gentilly Terrace

Gentilly Woods is a quiet suburban part of New Orleans with many new homes. Gentilly Terrace offers many dining options, from traditional Cajun food to Italian, and is considered to be a very walkable area. Gentilly Terrace has undergone a revitalization in past years, with many families moving into the area. The median home price in Gentilly Terrace is $168,785. 

hash-mark9. St. Roch

St. Roch is one of New Orleans’ safest and most historic neighborhoods. It was initially constructed in the early 1700s, and is the perfect example of French, Spanish, and Creole cultures blending together. St. Roch is named after the historic graveyard located within the neighborhood that dates back centuries. St. Roch offers a wide variety of dining options and has its own market with historical ties to the neighborhood. 

hash-mark10. Lakeview 

Lakeview is also one of the safest neighborhoods in New Orleans. This area is bordered by the massive New Orleans City Park and has a reputation for being an active, friendly, and safe place to live. Lakeview offers a variety of shops, restaurants, and outdoor parks while having a quiet residential feel. The 1-610 connects Lakeview to the rest of New Orleans, which makes getting around easy. The Marconi Fishing Pier is a favorite local spot, while there are several local theatres. The median home price stands at $356,393. 

hash-mark11. Central City

Central City is a revitalized working-class area known for its Mardi Gras parades and Cajun Cuisine. Central City is home to many local art exhibits, including film screenings at the Ashe Cultural Arts Center. With a population of 13,500, Central City has a crime rate that is slightly above the national average, but at much of the neighborhood gentrifies, the crime rate continues to go down.