11 Safest Neighborhoods in Houston

By PropertyClub Team
May 9th 2024
Due to its affordable cost of living, employment opportunities, and high-quality entertainment industry, Houston is becoming an increasingly popular destination for families and business professionals. But, when the local crime rate is over three times higher than the state average, picking the right location for your move is no small decision.

This guide to the eleven safest neighborhoods in Houston will help you choose the safest area for you and your family. We also recommend checking out the most dangerous neighborhoods in Houston to make sure you're well-informed about potential safety risks in other parts of the city.  

hash-mark11 Safest Neighborhoods in Houston

  1. Bunker Hill Village
  2. Hunters Creek Village
  3. Friendswood
  4. Spring Branch North
  5. Midtown
  6. Sugar Land
  7. West University Place
  8. Galena Park
  9. Kingwood
  10. Downtown Houston
  11. Bellaire

hash-mark1. Bunker Hill Village

The safest neighborhood in Houston is Bunker Hill Village. Established in 1954, This upscale residential community is located in West Houston and has a population of roughly 3,771 residents. Its collection of parks, greenspaces, gardens, art trails and diverse eateries are some of the best in the city and provide residents with many entertainment options. The local Memorial Village Police Department is extremely active in the community and works hard to keep streets walkable and well-patrolled. And, with a crime rate 81% lower than the state average, it is clear that they do an excellent job. 

hash-mark2. Hunters Creek Village

Hunters Creek Village is also one of the safest places to live in Houston. This neighborhood is part of the Greater Houston metropolitan area in West Houston, comprises roughly 100 subdivisions, and is home to about 5,000 residents. Members of the Hunter Creek Village community enjoy an affluent, laid-back lifestyle surrounded by exquisite architecture, hiking trails, biking paths, and some of the best schools in the state. Property crimes, such as theft and burglary, make up most of the local crime in this area. But, with active local police and fire departments, the overall crime rate for this community remains 75% below the state average. This makes Hunters Creek Village an excellent choice for a safe, private residential space close to Houston’s center. 

hash-mark3. Friendswood

Friendswood is also one of the safest neighborhoods in Houston. Friendswood is close to several major airports, deep water ports, main roads, and railways, offering residents all the accessibility of Houston without that cramped, inner-city feel. Its local demographics include a wealthy, well-educated resident base and superior business developments, making it the ideal destination for young professionals.

While cases of petty theft and other property crimes occur in this area, the overall crime rate is 74% lower than the Texas average. This extremely low crime rate is made possible through initiatives from local law enforcement, neighborhood watch programs, and a generally active community – all of which help to make Friendswood a safe and secure neighborhood.

hash-mark4. Spring Branch North

Spring Branch North is another one of the safest neighborhoods in Houston, with a crime rate that is 61% below the Texas average. It’s a diverse residential area known for its good schools, parks and green spaces, and family-friendly environment. The local high school is also well known in Houston for its excellent football and baseball teams, which is a major draw for residents. The safest part of Spring Branch North is the northern section of the neighborhood.

hash-mark5. Midtown 

Midtown is the safest neighborhood for anyone interested in a healthy, active lifestyle. Located directly between Downtown and the Museum District, this vibrant area is central to everything Houston offers and is home to roughly 8,597 people. Its walkable layout gives residents easy access to over 140 different restaurants, bars, and coffee shops, plus some of the best cultural art centers, parks, and other greenspaces in all of Houston.

In terms of crime, Midtown experiences far less than other parts of the city. Its overall crime rate is 60% lower than the Houston average, with theft and burglary accounting for most local crimes. For those who prefer a safe, walkable commute in a central part of the city, the streets of Midtown simply can’t be beaten. Find additional choices that are both safe and affordable by exploring our article highlighting the most budget-friendly places to live in Texas.

hash-mark6. Sugar Land

Sugar Land is one of the safest Houston suburbs. It's located just twenty minutes south of Houston, and residents enjoy various amenities, including an abundance of shopping centers, golf courses, hiking trails, biking paths, cultural arts programs, and natural history museums. From beautiful sunsets at Cullinan Park to live performances at the Smart Financial Center, Sugar Land has everything available for fun family outings. Crime rates in this area are slightly higher than in other neighborhoods on this list, with theft and burglary posing significant issues for the community. But, even so, Sugar Land’s overall crime rate is still 58% below the Texas average, making it one of the safest areas in Houston.  

hash-mark7. West University Place 

Another one of the safest neighborhoods in Houston is West University Place. This highly sought after neighborhood is considered to be one of the safest areas in Houston for students and young professionals. Located only minutes from downtown Houston, this neighborhood provides residents with easy access to big-city amenities while retaining a small-town atmosphere.

During the day, the streets bustle with business from local boutiques, restaurants, and coffee shops. And, at night, the neighborhood comes alive with the alluring thrum of the local nightlife. This wealth of entertainment attracts a more youthful resident base, creating issues with property crimes such as identity theft and vehicle burglaries. However, local police involvement and neighborhood watch programs have helped keep these problems under control and have ultimately lowered the overall crime rate to 46% of the state average. 

hash-mark8. Galena Park

Situated along the Buffalo Bayou, Galena Park is perfect for anyone interested in a safe, walkable neighborhood close to the riverfront. It is located roughly sixteen minutes from the city center, which also makes it an ideal location for early-morning commuters. Because Galena Park sits directly between Houston’s Museum and Theater Districts, the neighborhood has an abundance of museums and performing arts centers. These attractions draw the attention of local artists, musicians, writers, and history buffs alike, giving the area a more cultural atmosphere. Similar to other neighborhoods on this list, most of Galena Park’s local crime involves burglary and theft. But, with an overall crime rate 45% lower than the state’s average, it is still one of the safest neighborhoods in all of Houston. 

hash-mark9. Kingwood

Lovingly known as the “livable forest,” Kingwood is considered the safest Houston neighborhood for nature lovers. Residents of this master-planned community get to live in peaceful harmony with a variety of local shade trees, including towering pines and beautiful magnolias. Hiking and biking trails can be found all around the local woodland areas and lakes, making it a perfect residence for folks who enjoy an active lifestyle. While violent crime rates are generally low in this area, property crimes like theft and burglary can become issues for Kingwood homeowners. However, the overall crime rate is 37% lower than the Houston average, keeping this on the list as one of the safest neighborhoods in the city.

hash-mark10. Downtown Houston

Downtown Houston is a vibrant area that attracts residents from all walks of life. Full of thrilling entertainment, this neighborhood is perfect for those seeking to spice it up with new tastes and experiences. Harboring a dazzling array of restaurants, bars, shopping centers, theaters, parks, and more, Downtown Houston has a little something for everyone. While this neighborhood does experience more violent crime than most of the others on this list, the overall crime rate for Downtown Houston remains 35% below the Houston average. 

hash-mark11. Bellaire

Bellaire is another one of the safest places to live in Houston. Home to about 17,202 residents, Bellaire is a quiet, community-oriented suburb that often ranks among the best places to raise a family in the US. It’s a peaceful residential area with walkable streets and excellent schools. The violent crime rate in Bellaire is 56% lower than the national average. It also experiences 22% less crime than Houston as a whole, making it one of the safest areas in the city. 

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