Safest Cities in Oklahoma

Nov 10th 2023
From the Wichita Mountains to the Cherokee Reservation, Oklahoma is a diverse and dynamic state. With a growing population and economy, the state has been attracting a growing number of professionals. However, some parts of the state have a bad reputation when it comes to crime, so in this article, we’ll list the ten safest cities in the state of Oklahoma. 

hash-mark10 Safest Places to Live in Oklahoma

  1. Yukon
  2. Moore
  3. Jenks
  4. Bixby
  5. Edmond
  6. Stillwater
  7. Guymon
  8. Owasso
  9. Broken Arrow
  10. Shawnee

hash-mark1. Yukon

The safest city in Oklahoma is Yukon, which is located in Canadian County, just outside of Oklahoma City. Yukon has a population of 22,709 and a violent crime rate that is 54% below the national average. Yukon mainly serves as a commuter city for Oklahoma City, with the local economy being heavily based around agricultural mills. Local arts and culture include the Czech Hall, a national historic site dedicated to preserving the culture, cuisine, and festivals of the local population. The median home price in Yukon is currently $255,760. 

hash-mark2. Moore

Moore is also one of the safest places to live in Oklahoma. Moore is a city in Cleveland County that is located between Norman and Oklahoma City. The city’s population is 62,793, with a violent crime rate that is 46% below the national average. Local attractions in Moore include the Twisted Aces Throw House, the Yellow Rose Theater, and the Moore Escape Rooms. Moore is known for being the site of several devastating tornados in 199 and 2013, which gained international coverage. The median home price in Moore stands at $209,168. 

hash-mark3. Jenks

Jenks is a suburb of Tulsa and one of the fastest-growing cities in Oklahoma. As of 2022, the city’s population was 27,141. Jenks is also one of the safest cities in Oklahoma, with a crime rate that is 39% lower than the national average. Jenks has many popular attractions, such as the Oklahoma Aquarium and a plethora of antique stores, earning the city the nickname of the “Antique Capital of Oklahoma.” Being located along the Arkansas River, Jenks offers a variety of riverfront sporting access. The median home price in Jenks is currently $324,109. 

hash-mark4. Bixby

Nicknamed “The Garden Spot of Oklahoma,” Bixby is a peaceful suburb that is perfect for families. Bixby is one of the safest towns in Oklahoma, having a population of roughly 21,000 and a crime rate that is 37% below the national average. Bixby has a strong farming heritage and is known for growing some of the best produce in Oklahoma. There are also plenty of jogging trails and kayak access along the Arkansas River. The median home price in Bixby is $307,807. 

hash-mark5. Edmond 

Edmond is a rapidly growing city of 94,428 people that is located just north of Oklahoma City. The city has a crime rate that is 30% below the national average, making Edmond one of the safest places to live in Oklahoma. Edmond is a great city to raise a family, with scenic parks and a diverse population of many cultures. The city has been the filming location for movies such as American Underdog, owing to Edmond’s quaint local scenery. Sports are also a big part of Edmond’s culture, with rugby being a growing sport in the area. The current median home price in Edmond is $338,216. 

hash-mark6. Stillwater

Stillwater is a safe city in central Oklahoma with a diverse and growing economy. With a population of 48,394, Stillwater’s violent crime rate is 29% below the national average. Stillwater’s economy consists of companies in aerospace, agribusiness, biotechnology, and publishing. Stillwater is also home to the main campus of Oklahoma State University and the National Wrestling Hall of Fame and Museum. The median home price in Stillwater currently stands at $232,474.

hash-mark7. Guymon 

Guymon is another one of the safest towns in Oklahoma. Guymon is located in Oklahoma’s panhandle region. The town’s population is roughly 12,965, with a crime rate that is 24% below the national average. Much of the town’s economy is based on cattle feedlots, pork farms, wind energy, and natural gas production. Popular recreation spots include the Sunset Hills golf course, Optima National Wildlife Refuge, and No Man’s Land Rifle and Pistol Club. The median home price in Guymon is currently $153,388. 

hash-mark8. Owasso

Owasso is a quiet and safe suburb located north of Tulsa. The city’s population stands at 39,328, with a total crime rate that is 295 below the national average. Owasso offers a laid-back, small-town American style of living with plenty of new homes, golf courses, and shopping. Many notable musicians, athletes, and even actors call Owasso home. The median home price in Owasso is currently $293,684. 

hash-mark9. Broken Arrow

Broken Arrow is a suburb of Tulsa that is home to a growing population and economy. The city has a population of about 113,540 with a total crime rate that is 12% below the national average. Broken Arrow is home to a growing number of businesses, such as FlightSafety International, FedEx Ground, and Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World. Much of the city’s downtown has been heavily redeveloped, with plans for a museum and farmer’s market. The median home price in Broken Arrow is currently $266,879. 

hash-mark10. Shawnee

Shawnee is another one of the safest places to live in Oklahoma. Taking its name from early Native American settlers, Shawnee is a medium-sized city located in Pottawatomie County. Much of Shawnee’s culture is built around the city’s historic downtown, which hosts many annual events. The Citizen Potawatomi Nation, which is the ninth-largest Native American tribe in the United States, is headquartered in Shawnee. The median home price in Shawnee is currently $141,760.