Cheapest Neighborhoods in Seattle

By PropertyClub Team
Jan 5th 2024
Seattle, the emerald city, holds a glistening allure for many, but its vibrant charm often comes with a hefty price tag. But don't worry! Nestled among the trendy hubs and bustling downtown life are hidden gems – neighborhoods where affordability and community spirit thrive. Let's explore the 12 cheapest neighborhoods in Seattle, where residents can enjoy a more affordable cost of living.

hash-mark12 Most Affordable Seattle Neighborhoods 

  1. South Park
  2. Rainier Beach
  3. North Beacon Hill
  4. Lake City
  5. Bitter Lake
  6. University District
  7. Pinehurst
  8. Belltown
  9. First Hill
  10. International District
  11. Kenmore
  12. Mount Baker

hash-markSouth Park

South Park is the cheapest neighborhood in Seattle, where property values are lower than in other parts of the city. The average rent is around $1,850, making it an affordable option for residents. 

Situated just 6 miles from downtown Seattle, South Park offers a convenient commute of 20-40 minutes by car. This neighborhood is also home to Cesar Chavez Park, providing locals with a nearby green space for relaxation and community activities.

hash-markRainier Beach

Rainier Beach, the second cheapest neighborhood in Seattle, is a vibrant community with a population of 6,006. Affectionately known as Atlantic City, this neighborhood offers affordability with an average rent of $1,925. 

Rainier Beach takes pride in its green spaces, including Lakeridge Park, Kubota Garden, and Be'ersheva Park, providing residents with accessible outdoor retreats. With its diverse population and multiple parks, Rainier Beach is a budget-friendly neighborhood that embraces both nature and community.

hash-markNorth Beacon Hill

North Beacon Hill, nestled just south of downtown Seattle, stands out as one of the cheapest neighborhoods in the city. With an average rent of $2,062, it offers affordability without compromising convenience. 

The neighborhood is home to the world headquarters of Amazon, contributing to its dynamic atmosphere. Residents enjoy easy access to Downtown Seattle, South Lake Union, and Eastside cities, thanks to accessible public transit and car options. North Beacon Hill is also home to the sprawling Jefferson Park and The Cheasty Greenspace, providing residents with ample outdoor recreational opportunities.

hash-markLake City

Lake City, another affordable neighborhood in Seattle, offers a mix of housing, including newly built condos, apartments, and single-family homes. With Matthews Beach providing outdoor recreation, residents can enjoy lakeside strolls and picnics. 

The average rent in Lake City is $1,967, making it an attractive option for those seeking affordability in a neighborhood with a diverse range of housing choices and outdoor activities.

hash-markBitter Lake

Bitter Lake, the 5th cheapest neighborhood in Seattle, offers affordability without skimping on convenience. Nestled conveniently between Seattle and Everett, it provides an accessible location for residents. 

With an average rent of $1,560, Bitter Lake stands out as an economical choice for those looking to balance their budget. The neighborhood is not only easy on the wallet but also boasts a few highly-rated restaurants, such as La Cabaña Restaurant and Mekong Village. 

In addition to its dining scene, residents can enjoy recreational spaces like The Bitter Lake Playfield and the serene Bitter Lake Reservoir Park, making it a well-rounded community with affordable living options.

hash-markUniversity District

University District, an affordable neighborhood in Seattle, is home to the main campus of the University of Washington (UW). Residents enjoy diverse areas like Brooklyn/Roosevelt, South Ave, North Ave, 45th Street, and Mid Ave, offering a mix of shops, restaurants, and activities. 

With a median rent of $1,850, this district provides a budget-friendly living option for those who appreciate a lively community and easy access to the university's amenities.


Pinehurst, Seattle's 7th cheapest neighborhood, offers an affordable living option with an average rent of $1,843. Residents enjoy the outdoors with two neighborhood parks, Pinehurst Playfield and Pinehurst Pocket Park, which provide green spaces for relaxation. 

The area also boasts recreational spots like the Jackson Park Golf Course and the nearby Lake Washington. With quick and easy access to downtown Seattle and the University District, Pinehurst combines affordability with convenience for its residents.


Belltown, a bustling neighborhood in Seattle, boasts a median rent of $2,335, making it an affordable option for those seeking city living. With a population of 3,994, it's a lively community known for its diverse atmosphere. 

Home to educational institutions like Antioch University, Argosy University, and City University of Seattle, Belltown attracts students and professionals alike. Additionally, the neighborhood is home to the captivating Olympic Sculpture Park, providing residents with a scenic and artistic outdoor space to enjoy.

hash-markFirst Hill

First Hill, also known as "Pill Hill," offers studio rentals at an average of $1,450. This neighborhood is home to Seattle University and the Frye Art Museum, adding both educational and cultural flair. Situated just 0.5 miles from Downtown Seattle, it's a quick 5-10 minute car ride, making it conveniently close to the city's bustling core.

hash-markInternational District

The International District, Seattle's 10th cheapest neighborhood, is home to a mostly Chinese community. In this diverse area, residences and businesses blend together, creating a vibrant atmosphere. 

Tourists flock to the CID to experience its rich Asian culture. Key landmarks like the Historic Chinatown Gate and Kobe Terrace add to the neighborhood's charm. With a median rent of $1,752, the International District provides an affordable living option while offering a unique blend of ethnic traditions and modern city life.


Kenmore, the penultimate neighborhood on our list of the cheapest neighborhoods in Seattle, boasts a median rent of $2,146. Situated just minutes from both Seattle and the Eastside, Kenmore is a convenient location for residents. 

Home to Bastyr University, the neighborhood enjoys a mix of academic and community vibes. Notably, Kenmore residents benefit from the absence of a B & O tax, providing an additional financial perk for those seeking affordability.

hash-markMount Baker

Mount Baker, the last city on our list of cheapest neighborhoods in Seattle, is a welcoming area with a mix of historic charm and affordability. It is home to Seattle's annual Seafair festivities, bringing the community together for a lively celebration. 

The neighborhood is served by Franklin High School and Garfield High School, offering educational options for local families. Mount Baker is blessed with natural beauty, featuring Lake Washington Boulevard Park and the scenic trails of Colman Park. 

With a median rent of $2,068, Mount Baker provides a budget-friendly living option without compromising on the appeal of its parks and community events.