13 Richest Neighborhoods in Cincinnati

By PropertyClub Team
May 16th 2024
Cincinnati nicknamed the "Queen City," might not hold the crown for being Ohio's wealthiest city, but there are numerous areas of affluence and luxury living within the city. From picturesque riverfront havens to vibrant urban enclaves, here are the thirteen wealthiest neighborhoods in Cincinnati. 

hash-mark13 Richest Cincinnati Neighborhoods

  1. Hyde Park
  2. Mount Lookout
  3. Kenwood
  4. Mount Adams
  5. Columbia-Tusculum
  6. Linwood
  7. Clifton
  8. Oakley
  9. Central Business District
  10. Paddock Hills
  11. Kennedy Heights
  12. Over-The-Rhine
  13. California

hash-markHyde Park

Hyde Park, one of the richest neighborhoods in Cincinnati, was established in the 1890s by wealthy businessmen. Located within 10 minutes of Downtown and the Kenwood Towne Center, it offers a prime location for residents. 

With a median home price of $501,543 and a population of 14,193, Hyde Park is recognized for the high education levels of its residents. 

Additionally, it boasts a high concentration of shops and restaurants, making it a vibrant and sought-after community for those who value both luxury living and convenient amenities.

hash-markMount Lookout

Mount Lookout, Cincinnati's third richest neighborhood, is a place where affluence meets scenic beauty. Nestled atop a hill, it hosts two prominent parks, Alms Park and Ault Park, offering residents a retreat into nature. Notably, it's the home of Cincinnati's sole astronomical observatory, providing an exciting celestial perspective. 

With a median home price of $634,800 and a median household income of $108,185, Mount Lookout stands as an enclave where prosperity and a love for the stars harmoniously coexist.


Kenwood, a vibrant neighborhood in Cincinnati, is home to 7,570 residents. Renowned as a major shopping destination, it boasts prominent properties like Kenwood Towne Centre and The Kenwood Collection. 

The median household income in Kenwood is $95,590, reflecting the area's economic prosperity. Additionally, the median home price stands at $443,521, making it an attractive residential destination for those seeking upscale living in the Cincinnati area. 

hash-markMount Adams

Nestled along the Ohio River, Mount Adams stands as one of Cincinnati's most historic and picturesque neighborhoods. Named after President John Quincy Adams, this charming enclave is home to various local cultural institutions such as Eden Park, Mt. Adams Pool, Cincinnati Art Club, and Wessel Gallery. 

With its breathtaking views and vibrant atmosphere, Mount Adams attracts residents and visitors alike. The median home price in this coveted neighborhood is $522,101, reflecting the allure of its historic charm and scenic surroundings.


Columbia-Tusculum is another affluent neighborhood in Cincinnati known for its charming "Painted Lady" Victorian homes. The median home price in this picturesque neighborhood is $437,523, reflecting the area's upscale real estate. With a median household income of $91,023, Columbia-Tusculum attracts residents seeking a higher standard of living. 

The neighborhood is also home to the stunning Alms Park, adding to its appeal as a desirable and beautiful community in Cincinnati.


Nestled in Cincinnati, Linwood, with a population of 705, became part of the city in 1893. Living in Linwood comes with a higher cost – it's 24% more than the Cincinnati average. The median home price in this charming neighborhood is $274,196, making it an area with a mix of historical significance and a slightly higher living expense. Despite its small size, Linwood provides a unique living experience for its residents, combining historic charm with a distinct community feel.


Clifton, a village-like community, is a charming neighborhood with a median home price of $416,191 and a median household income of $74,063. Nestled close to the University of Cincinnati, it offers a mix of residential living and student-friendly amenities. 

The neighborhood's appeal extends to its beautiful public spaces, including Mt. Storm Park and Burnet Woods, where residents can enjoy the tranquility of well-maintained parks and gardens. 


Oakley, originally known as "Four Mile," stands as the 9th richest neighborhood in Cincinnati. With a median home price of $364,895 and a median household income of $77,845, Oakley attracts affluent residents seeking a comfortable lifestyle. 

Over time, Oakley has undergone a remarkable transformation, evolving into a hotspot for entertainment and nightlife. Today, the neighborhood's vibrant atmosphere, coupled with its economic prosperity, makes it a desirable destination for those seeking both luxury living and a lively social scene.

hash-markCentral Business District

The Central Business District (CBD) in Cincinnati is a bustling area with a population of 5,835. It serves as a hub for entertainment, sports, and business activities in the city. The median household income here is $70,916, reflecting the economic vibrancy of the area. 

If you're considering living in the CBD, be prepared to pay a premium, as the median house price is $375,000. 

hash-markPaddock Hills

Founded in 1919, Paddock Hills is a charming neighborhood in Cincinnati known for its welcoming atmosphere and unique cul-de-sac street layouts. With a population of 1,038, this tight-knit community offers a tranquil living experience. 

The median home price in Paddock Hills is $278,863, and the median household income stands at $34,079, reflecting a balanced and community-oriented lifestyle for its residents. 

hash-markKennedy Heights

Founded in 1795, Kennedy Heights is a historic neighborhood in Cincinnati. With Daniel Drake Park and Kennedy Heights Park within its borders, the area offers green spaces for residents to enjoy. Notably, it's home to the Kennedy Heights Art Center, adding a cultural touch to the community. 

With a population of 5,166, Kennedy Heights is the 23rd largest neighborhood in the city. The median home price in this charming neighborhood is $218,160. 


Over-The-Rhine, which concludes our list of the richest neighborhoods in Cincinnati, is a vibrant area with an average home price of $318,844 and a median household income of $51,566. 

Washington Park serves as a bustling central hub of activity, offering a lively atmosphere for residents and visitors alike. In Over-The-Rhine, there are endless options for excellent meals, including the popular dining spot Pepp & Delores. 


California, Cincinnati, is a vibrant community named after the state of California. Known as "Cincinnati's Playland," it earned this nickname due to its abundance of recreation destinations. As it is one of the richest neighborhoods in Cincinnati it's no surprise that the cost of living in California is 20% higher than the city average. 

The median home price in this lively neighborhood is $177,865, reflecting the high standard of living enjoyed by its residents.

hash-markRichest Neighborhoods in Cincinnati Bottom Line 

Most of Cincinnati's wealthiest neighborhoods are located in highly desirable areas that are great for raising a family. These neighborhoods showcase the city's diverse and affluent landscape. From historic charm to modern luxury, these enclaves offer a range of lifestyles for the city's elite residents.