How Big Is a 3 Car Garage?

By PropertyClub Team
May 16th 2024
Three cars comfortably need a minimum of 30 feet wide by 20 feet deep to park side-by-side, with an additional 2 feet of clearance around each car for opening doors and maneuvering. This translates to roughly 600 square feet for small cars, but aim for a larger size to accommodate bigger vehicles or additional storage. The average size of a 3-car garage is approximately 782 square feet. 

hash-markHow Big Is a 3-Car Garage?

Width: A typical 3-car garage will range from  32 feet to 36 feet wide. This allows enough space to comfortably park three cars side-by-side with some wiggle room.

Depth: The standard depth for a 3-car garage is around 22 feet to 24 feet. However, some garages can be as deep as 36 feet depending on your needs for additional storage space.

Area:  Considering the width and depth ranges, the total area of a 3-car garage can vary. On average, a 3-car garage will range from  670 square feet to 1200 square feet.

hash-markIs 30 ft Wide Enough for a 3-Car Garage?

30 feet wide can be enough for a 3-car garage, especially for smaller vehicles. But for comfortable maneuvering and larger cars, consider going slightly wider at 32 feet or more to allow at least 2 feet of clearance between parked cars.

hash-markWhat Are Some of the Most Popular Features and Amenities for a 3-Car Garage?

Beyond parking, popular 3-car garage features include extra storage like wall cabinets and overhead racks, designated workshop areas, wider doors for larger vehicles, and even smart upgrades like automatic door openers and security systems.

hash-markThings to Consider When Designing Your 3-Car Garage

Types of Vehicles

Measure your current vehicles and consider any future car purchases. Account for the size difference between a sedan and a truck that might be parked there. You'll need enough space for all vehicles to comfortably fit side-by-side with at least 2 feet of clearance for opening doors and maneuvering.

Additional Storage

Do you need space for bikes, lawnmowers, tools, or hobby equipment? Think about wall-mounted cabinets, overhead storage racks, or even a designated workbench area.

Right Foundation

Choose a foundation that can handle the weight of your garage and its contents. This will depend on your soil conditions and local building codes.

Ceiling Height

Standard garages are 8 feet tall, but consider a higher ceiling if you plan on storing taller equipment or using a car lift.

Door Size

Standard garage doors are 8 feet wide, but wider doors might be necessary for larger vehicles.

Permit Requirements

Check with your local building department to understand any permits required for construction and ensure your design meets all zoning regulations.

Right Metal Building Provider

Research reputable metal building providers in your area. They can offer valuable advice on design, materials, and ensure your building meets local codes.

hash-markWhat Is the Price to Build a 3-Car Garage?

Building a 3-car garage can cost anywhere from $28,200 to $42,700, depending on size, materials, and local factors. Expect to pay around $49 per square foot.

hash-markAre There Any Special Permits Required to Build a 3-Car Garage?

Yes, as we have already mentioned above, you'll likely need permits to build a 3-car garage. Check with your local building department to understand specific requirements. They ensure your design meets zoning regulations and building codes.

hash-markWhat Type of Materials Should Be Used in a 3-Car Garage Construction Project?

Concrete is common for the foundation, while the frame is typically built with either wood for a classic look or steel for durability and resistance to weather and pests.

hash-markWhat Are the Most Common 3-Car Garage Designs?

The most common 3-car garage designs are either a side-by-side layout with three standard garage doors or a two-door design with double standard doors flanking a central support pillar. Both can be attached to the house or built as a separate detached structure.

hash-markHow Big Is a 3 Car Garage Bottom Line 

Thorough planning of your 3-car garage guarantees it serves its primary function of securely housing your vehicles while also being cost-effective and enhancing your home's aesthetic appeal. While the typical dimensions range from 36 x 24 feet to 36 x 36 feet, the actual size is influenced by factors such as layout and the types of vehicles accommodated.