12 Richest Neighborhoods in Charlotte

By PropertyClub Team
Apr 18th 2024
Charlotte, North Carolina, has been booming in recent years, transforming into a wealthy metropolis. If you're curious about Charlotte's most exclusive enclaves, read on for a tour of the twelve richest neighborhoods in the city.

hash-mark12 Richest Charlotte Neighborhoods

  1. Eastover
  2. Myers Park
  3. Foxcroft
  4. Piper Glen
  5. Hembstead
  6. Providence Plantation
  7. Freedom Park
  8. Barclay Downs
  9. Chantilly
  10. Wendover Sedgewood
  11. Wessex Square
  12. Plaza Midwood

hash-mark1. Eastover

Eastover, the second richest neighborhood in Charlotte, sits southeast of Uptown Charlotte. People here have a median household income of $195,400, and the homes usually cost around $1,825,115. 

A cool thing about Eastover is that it was the city's first suburb to have houses with driveways. One big landmark is the Mint Museum Randolph, adding a touch of culture to this wealthy area.

hash-mark2. Myers Park

Myers Park is the richest neighborhood in Charlotte, famous for its big old oak trees that make a shady canopy. You can find cool places like Edgehill Park, Queens University of Charlotte, and Theatre Charlotte here. 

If you want to live in Myers Park, you might need some extra dollars, as the houses usually cost around $1,498,654. People living here also make good money, with the median household income being $192,500. It's a fancy neighborhood with green spaces and lots of history.

hash-mark3. Foxcroft

Foxcroft, nestled in the SouthPark area of Charlotte, stands as another one of the richest neighborhoods in the city. With a population of 4,021, Foxcroft charms its residents with homes surrounded by mature trees and large lots, creating a serene living environment. 

The neighborhood boasts a median household income of $101,827, reflecting the affluence of its residents. The median home price in Foxcroft is $1,518,836, making it a sought-after address for those seeking an upscale and exclusive lifestyle.

hash-mark4. Piper Glen

Piper Glen, a neighborhood in Charlotte, is known for its fancy living with an Arnold Palmer-designed TPC Golf Course, making it a golfer's paradise. Around 8,382 people call Piper Glen home, with a comfy median household income of $111,242. 

The houses here have a median price tag of $899,400, reflecting the upscale vibe. Residents enjoy easy shopping at Stonecrest, a nearby shopping center that adds convenience to the luxurious lifestyle Piper Glen offers.

hash-mark5. Hembstead

Hembstead is famous for its impressive million-dollar millennium mansions. With a median household income of $112,190 and a median home price of $976,554, it's a community that exudes affluence. 

Residents here enjoy the abundance of natural beauty, thanks to nearby attractions like William R. Davie Park and Matthews-Sardis Park, adding to the neighborhood's charm and appeal.

hash-mark6. Providence Plantation

Providence Plantation, the 7th richest neighborhood in Charlotte, is famous for its big fancy houses and neat lawns. People living here have a median household income of $104,900, and the homes usually cost around $774,048. 

There are lots of things to do, like joining the Providence Plantation Country Club or exploring the Reedy Creek Nature Preserve. With its wealthy vibe and beautiful surroundings, Providence Plantation is a place where upscale living meets Southern charm.

hash-mark7. Freedom Park

Freedom Park, situated at 1900 East Boulevard, is a popular green oasis in Charlotte, offering a peaceful escape for residents and visitors alike. Adjacent to Freedom Park is the Charlotte Nature Museum, a fun and learning center designed for young children. 

With a median household income of $138,206 and a median home price of $867,925, Freedom Park is another wealthy Charlotte neighborhood. Residents enjoy easy access to world-class attractions such as the NASCAR Hall of Fame and the Charlotte Convention Center, adding to the neighborhood's appeal.

hash-mark8. Barclay Downs

Barclay Downs, nestled near SouthPark Mall, is a lively neighborhood featuring more than 450 charming homes. With a median household income of $92,970 and a median home price of $679,766, it attracts families seeking an upscale yet welcoming community. 

The neighborhood's convenience is underscored by its easy walking distance to award-winning public schools, making it an ideal choice for those valuing both education and a vibrant residential setting.

hash-mark9. Chantilly

Established in 1913, Chantilly is one of Charlotte's most desirable neighborhoods with a population of 1,717. It boasts a seven-acre public park named Chantilly Park, providing a green retreat for residents. 

The neighborhood's median household income is $81,525, and the median home price is $751,311. Chantilly's appeal is further enhanced by its proximity to Plaza Midwood and Elizabeth, offering residents easy access to abundant shopping and vibrant nightlife options.

hash-mark10. Wendover Sedgewood

Wendover Sedgewood, the 10th richest neighborhood in Charlotte, is a charming and small community nestled in the heart of the city. It retains its unique character with original houses dating back to the early 50s. Situated near the Cotswold Shopping Center, residents enjoy convenient access to upscale amenities. 

The median rent in Wendover Sedgewood is $1,415 and the median home price is $975,692.

Residents also have high earnings, with a median household income of $186,095.

hash-mark11. Wessex Square

Wessex Square, a community with a population of 6,240, is a popular spot thanks to its schools, drawing in many homebuyers. People love the area for its parks, golf courses, and trails, making it perfect for those who enjoy the outdoors. 

The Arboretum nearby offers great shopping and dining options. With a median household income of $107,603 and a median home price of $419,054, Wessex Square provides a comfortable and desirable living experience for its residents.

hash-mark12. Plaza Midwood

Plaza Midwood, wrapping up our list of richest neighborhoods in Charlotte, has a median household income of $61,525 and a median home price of $714,994. It's a diverse and eclectic area filled with art galleries, funky stores, and restaurants. 

From breweries to book shops to BBQ joints, Plaza Midwood has something for everyone, making it one of Charlotte's most vibrant neighborhoods.

hash-markRichest Neighborhoods in Charlotte Bottom Line 

These 12 neighborhoods are the height of luxury and opulence in Charlotte. They attract residents who seek the finest amenities, architecture, and community living. The areas have historic mansions and modern estates. They showcase the diverse and sophisticated lifestyle options available in the Queen City. They solidify Charlotte's status as a city that effortlessly combines Southern charm with upscale living.