10 Richest Cities in North Carolina

By PropertyClub Team
Apr 16th 2024
North Carolina is well known for its charming small-town atmosphere and stunning natural scenery. But, this southern staple is also home to many wealthy communities. The following list of the ten wealthiest cities in North Carolina will help you find the best upscale places to live in the state.

hash-mark10 Richest Cities in North Carolina

  1. St. James
  2. Biltmore Forest
  3. Marvin
  4. Davidson
  5. Wrightsville Beach
  6. Weddington
  7. Summerfield
  8. Pinehurst
  9. Cary
  10. Oak Ridge

hash-mark1. St. James

The richest city in North Carolina is St. James. Located along the state’s southeastern coast, this city sits close to the South Carolina border and is home to nearly 7,000 people. Residents here prefer the area for its quiet, small-town atmosphere, scenic beauty, and coastal charm – all of which make it a popular area for retirees. Though the city is largely residential, it offers plenty of local amenities and entertainment, including golf courses, walking trails, fishing opportunities, and other waterfront activities. The per capita income in St. James is over $87,000, making it the highest-yielding city in all of North Carolina. 

hash-mark2. Biltmore Forest

Biltmore Forest is another one of the richest cities in North Carolina. Located in Buncombe County, south of Asheville, it’s an affluent, gated community with tree-lined streets, luxury golf courses, and multi-million-dollar homes. It is home to 1,417 residents and features a median per capita income of $84,044—the second highest in the state. It also has a median per capita income of $85,500 and an average home price of $1,074,500.

hash-mark3. Marvin

Marvin is the second-richest city in North Carolina. Another city located close to the South Carolina border, Marvin, is known for its decidedly rural atmosphere and peaceful environment. With only 6,500 residents, this city is best for those who prefer a more private lifestyle away from the chaotic bustle associated with urban living. Even so, residents will find the area convenient to both Charlotte and Monroe, which keep big-city entertainment close at hand. The average per capita income rate in Marvin is around $73,000, making it another premier choice among North Carolina’s upper echelon.  

hash-mark4. Davidson

Davidson is another one of North Carolina’s richest cities. Home to about 15,000 people, this city is best known as a suburb of Charlotte and provides its residents with quick access to the city. The main attraction in Davidson is its bustling downtown area, a pedestrian-friendly area that features a variety of shops, galleries, craft stores, historical sites, and nationally acclaimed dining opportunities. The city also has several parks, such as Lake Norman State Park, which offers plenty of outdoor recreation like boating, fishing, hiking, and more. With a per capita income of $69,000, Davidson is an essential part of North Carolina’s richest cities. 

hash-mark5. Wrightsville Beach

Wrightsville Beach is also one of the wealthiest places to live in North Carolina. It’s situated on the Atlantic Coast east of Wilmington and has a population of 2,446. The community is known for its gorgeous sandy beaches, a bustling boardwalk, fishing piers, and state parks. As a result, it’s a popular destination for vacationers and residents looking for a picturesque place to raise a family. But great weather and access to amenities come at a cost, and the average home price is $1.47 million. It also has a median per capita income of just over $67,000.

hash-mark6. Weddington

Located just 17 miles southwest of Charlotte is Weddington, another one of the richest cities in North Carolina. A distinctly rural area, this city is home to only 13,000 residents who enjoy the area’s quiet streets and natural surroundings. Houses for sale in Weddington are large, spacious, and beautiful to affluent members of society who prefer luxurious estates. Additionally, the area also possesses exceptional schools, which offer high-quality education and attract a number of wealthy families. Per capita income rates and home values remain among the highest in the state, keeping Weddington a stunning addition to the richest cities in North Carolina. 

hash-mark7. Summerfield

Summerfield is one of the richest cities in north-central North Carolina. Situated near the state’s Virginia border, this city is popular for its stunning natural scenery, safe streets, and peaceful residences. Those who live in Summerfield will find no shortage of outdoor activities, as the city is surrounded by sweeping countryside, rolling hills, and lush forests. Favorite attractions here include Haw River State Park, which offers various hiking trails, fishing opportunities, and campgrounds. And, for those who prefer more urban amenities, Greensboro is only a short drive away. The per capita income in Summerfield is $58k. 

hash-mark8. Pinehurst

Pinehurst is one of the wealthiest cities in North Carolina. It’s also a fantastic place to live if you’re an avid golfer. Located about 70 miles from Raleigh, this city is home to about 18,000 people and is famous for its world-renowned golf courses. Favorite places to tee up include Pinehurst No. 2, which has hosted several renowned golf tournaments, including the US Open. Other draws to this area include its assortment of upscale amenities, which include several high-end resorts, luxurious spas, and fine dining opportunities. With an average per capita income of $58k, Pinehurst is sure to impress anyone who prefers a more upscale lifestyle. 

hash-mark9. Cary

In addition to being one of the richest cities in North Carolina, Cary is also one of the largest. Home to a thriving population of nearly 177,000 people, this city is considered the sixth-largest city in the entire state. In addition to its sizable population, Cary is also known for its exceptional school systems, beautiful greenspaces, and the vibrant local community. Popular attractions within this city include the Cary Downtown Farmers Market, Lazy Daze Arts and Crafts Festival, Koka Booth Amphitheatre Summer Concert Series, and Bond Park, which features a large lake and numerous hiking trails. With high home values and per capita income rates, Cary is not to be overlooked when it comes to the wealthiest cities in North Carolina. 

hash-mark10. Oak Ridge

Oak Ridge is another one of the richest cities near the North Carolina-Virginia border. Located just outside of Greensboro, this relatively small city is home to only 7,500 residents, who adore the area for its stunning natural surroundings and tranquil atmosphere. An excellent choice for families, Oak Ridge, provides its residents with plenty of family-friendly amenities, such as beautiful local parks and exceptional school systems. And, because downtown Greensboro is only a short 20-minute drive, big-city entertainment is never hard to come by. The per capita income in Oak Ridge is $54k, making it an affluent city with plenty to offer.