Renting a Townhouse

By PropertyClub Team
Sep 29th 2022
Townhouses are a popular style of building found worldwide that offers many benefits to tenants and property owners. But there is often confusion over what constitutes a townhouse and what kind of benefits they offer. So, here is everything you need to know about townhouses.

hash-markWhat is a Townhouse 

A townhouse is a type of home that shares two or more walls with an adjacent property. Townhouses have at least two floors, and the connected homes have separate entrances. Townhouses are found all over the world, especially in Europe and North America. They offer many benefits of a single-family home but are more space efficient, making them ideal for urban areas where real estate is precious.

Although mainly found in urban areas, suburban townhouses have become increasingly popular and can often be found in planned communities with shared amenities such as a pool, clubhouse, etc. Townhouses offer a wide range of benefits that make them an attractive alternative to a traditional detached single-family home for many homebuyers.

hash-markCan You Rent a Townhouse?

Yes, you can rent a townhouse. Renting a townhouse is a viable option for those who want the space and accommodations of a single-family home but the flexibility of renting. Townhouses tend to be a bit more spacious than an apartment because they have multiple floors that you will have to yourself. Townhouses often feature a small front or backyard, which is great if you have pets. But townhouse rentals are not as common as regular apartments, so you may need to be patient to find one and be prepared to pay a bit more for the additional space.

hash-markHow to Rent a Townhouse

The process for renting a townhouse is quite similar to renting a regular apartment with a few slight differences. With a townhouse, you’ll likely be dealing directly with the owner, not the management company or a realtor. They will probably only own one building in the area, not the entire complex, so they’ll be more likely to rent it out themselves. 

Plus, you may have to deal with an HOA and abide by their rules and bylaws when renting a townhouse, which you won’t usually have to do with an apartment. Depending on your agreement with the landlord, you may be expected to pay the HOA fees for access to any amenities in the community. But otherwise, the process is the same, simply find a unit you like, submit your financial credentials and wait to receive approval. 

hash-markPros of Renting a Townhouse

Extra Space

Townhouses often offer more space than apartments or condos because they feature multiple floors. Depending on the layout, the square footage may be comparable to a single-family home. This gives you all the lifestyle benefits of a single-family home without all the costs or responsibilities of owning a house with a large plot of land.  

Less Maintenance

Townhouses are also usually easier to maintain than single-family homes. Although if you’re renting, the landlord or HOA will have maintenance responsibilities. But for you, this means fewer disruptions and additional fees. So, you don’t have to worry about mowing the lawn or trimming the hedges every few weeks.  

Shared Amenities

Townhouses are often located in communities with shared amenities such as a pool, clubhouse, fitness center, etc. These amenities are paid for through the fees paid to the homeowner’s association and can be a great way to meet your neighbors and socialize within the community.

hash-markCons of Renting a Townhouse

Smaller Lot

Townhouses typically don’t feature the large, open yards you expect with a single-family home. They may feature a small private outdoor area you can access, but it likely won’t be huge. So, if you have kids and need a place where they can run around, a townhouse may not be the best option.

Less Privacy

Townhouses tend to offer less property than detached homes because you share walls with your neighbor. You will have your own private entrance, which provides a bit of seclusion. But the landlord may not own the building next door, so you have little control over noisy or uncooperative neighbors.

Potential Restrictions

The homeowners association of a townhouse may have certain restrictions you wouldn’t have to deal with a single-family home or regular apartment. For instance, they may have rules about long-term guests or parking that you should consider.

hash-markRenting a Townhouse Bottom Line 

Townhouses have a variety of benefits for a particular type of renter. They offer a healthy balance for those who want a blend between a detached single-family home and an apartment. Townhouses make great starter homes and urban retreats for those who want extra square footage. But they also feature their drawbacks, so be sure to weigh the pros and cons carefully if you’re considering a townhouse rental.