Moving With Section 8 Guide

By PropertyClub Team
May 14th 2023
If you are receiving assistance from Section 8, moving from one rental to another can seem daunting. It’s even possible to transfer your section 8 voucher to another state, but there are a few considerations to take in before you do so. The moving process is specific, and there are many rules to know about before moving forward with your transfer.

We’re here to help. We’ll talk about the Section 8 moving process, the rules that come with moving, moving with the lease, and so much more. Our goal is to help you become well-informed on Section 8 policies so you can feel confident transferring your assistance from one place to another. 

hash-markCan You Transfer Section 8 to Another State?

Sometimes, someone under the assistance of Section 8 might want to move to another state. It’s possible to transfer your Section 8 to another state. However, there are some extra steps you’ll need to take on to ensure your Section 8 assistance moves with you to this new location. These will help solidify the Section 8 help you need, no matter where you end up going.

To transfer your Section 8 voucher to another state, you will need to follow the proper steps. 

How to Transfer Section 8 to Another State

  1. Contact your housing authority
  2. Verify the new location
  3. Transfer the paperwork to your latest jurisdiction
  4. Contact rental assistance with your new PHA

hash-markHow Long Does it Take to Transfer Section 8 to Another State?

It typically takes between 6-10 weeks to transfer your Section 8 voucher to another state. You just need to make sure you follow the proper steps to avoid delays. As long as you do, your Section 8 rental assistance can move with you. It doesn’t matter if you’re transferring a mile away or a hundred. Just ensure you take the proper measures to keep your assistance with you.

hash-markSection 8 Moving Process

The Section 8 moving process differs from the typical moving process. To rent a new home, you will need to go through the general Section 8 moving process. If you’re unfamiliar with this process, it can seem intimidating to dive right in. Let’s dive right in so you know what’s going on before you start the Section 8 moving process.

To move with Section 8, you will need to do the following:

Step 1. Provide Your Intent To Vacate

The first step in moving with section 8 is to provide notice. You'll need to serve a notice to your landlord before moving. This notice must be thirty days in advance, and you must ensure your eligibility.

Step 2. Receive a Voucher

Next, you’ll receive a voucher to verify that you’re receiving assistance and are approved to move. This voucher is available for 120 days.

Step 3. Submit the tenancy approval package

Finally, submit your tenancy approval package to prepare for movement into your next rental unit.

hash-markSection 8 Moving Rules

When receiving assistance from Section 8, some moving rules come with the aid. These are vital to understand to avoid confusion from arising in the moving process. We’ll go over some of the major ones so you can feel comfortable with your situation before transferring to a new rental unit.

Some of the critical Section 8 moving rules include:

  • Family breakup considerations: In the case of a family split, HUD makes way for local housing authorities to determine the future of benefits. They decide which members keep help and which ones lose it.
  • Portability rules: HUD can support if a family wants to move to a new jurisdiction. However, your latest assistance may not kick in until the old voucher expires.
  • Project-based assistance: If you have project-based help rather than tenant-based help, you may lose your benefits if you move.
  • Local movement: Federal regulations allow moving within traditional jurisdiction, while HUD requires termination of the lease with the landlord properly.

These are a few of the rules and considerations to ponder when moving with Section 8.

We’ve gone over quite a few rules, but one thing we haven’t discussed is the lease. What if you want to move with Section 8 before your lease is up? Is that even possible? Let’s dive into that topic next.

hash-markSection 8 Moving Before Lease is Up

Let’s say you want to move your Section 8 assistance to a different spot before your lease is up. Can you do that? What’s the process for that? Are there any rules or regulations that stand against doing this when receiving Section 8 assistance? 

It is possible to move with Section 8 before your lease is up. However, this action can only happen under some circumstances.

Some of the reasons a tenant might be allowed to move locations before their lease up include:

  • Accommodation necessities for a disability
  • Cases of sexual or physical assault
  • To protect the health or safety of a family member

These permit a lease to break before time is up.

If you want to move before the end of your lease has arrived, there are a few things you need to do. Contact the housing authority, repeating your request until they say yes. Next, find a way to end your lease with a mutual termination form. Finally, locate a new residence and go through the approval process.

What if you want to move to another state? We’ll dive into this question next.

hash-markMoving With Section 8 Bottom Line

If you’ve never moved with Section 8, it can seem overwhelming. There are many things to consider. We hope that this information can help you through the process, clarifying what you need to worry about as someone receiving Section 8 assistance.

If you need it, it’s possible to break a lease with Section 8 ahead of time. You can even move to a different state, taking your help right along with you. Consider the rules and regulations before starting your moving process to ensure you know what’s going on the entire time. You can handle this without issue.