Who Can Live With You on Section 8?

By PropertyClub Team
Aug 31st 2023
A Section 8 housing voucher is an excellent opportunity for many, but the rules and regulations surrounding legal help can be confusing. If you have people you want to live with, you might wonder if they’re allowed to stay with you. Who can you live with when you have Section 8?

We’re here to help you better understand the terms that come with living on Section 8. Many people are permitted to occupy the same residence, but many aren’t allowed to live with you. Let’s dive right in.

hash-markWho Is Allowed to Live with You on Section 8?

Section 8 specifies that the following people can live with you if you are on Section 8:

  • Approved family members that have approval
  • Notified long-term guests, who can only stay for a designated period
  • Combined Section 8 participants if one meets requirements

These people are permitted to live with you on Section 8.

As with most rules, there are always considerations and circumstances that could permit change. We’ll dive into some of those next so you can better understand the options available to you and let someone into your home.

hash-markHow Does Section 8 Find Out if Someone is Living With You?

If you have Section 8, you are required to report anyone living with you for an extended period of time. Having someone move in and live with you without permission is a lease violation, and Section 8 can easily find out about it.

The most common ways for Section 8 to find out if someone is living with you is from your landlord, neighbors, building superintendent, doorman, or maintenance workers. Additionally, the housing authority typically performs in-person inspections of Section 8 homes every 1-2 years, making it easy to find out if someone is living with you.

hash-markCan You Add Someone to Your Section 8?

We’ve talked about people permitted to live with you on Section 8, but what about adding someone? Is there any way to add someone to your Section 8 without issues? We have the answer right here.

Here are some of the regulations in place if you want to add someone to your Section 8:

  • Contact the PHA office in charge of your voucher
  • Add information like social security, name, birthday, and so on
  • Give documents to confirm the information provided
  • Wait for approval

These steps will permit you to add someone to your voucher, such as a wife or a husband. 

Of course, it’s vital to consider that you can only add some people to your Section 8. Most often, this bonus is limited to spouses and relatives. Contact the PHA office to find out what your qualifications are if you have someone you want to add.

hash-markSection 8 Rules for Guests and Visitors

Now, let’s talk more about the Section 8 rules for guests and visitors. They have an established list that tenants must follow if they want Section 8 assistance. We’ll dive into these so you don’t find yourself in trouble with a guest in your residence.

The rules for Section 8 guests and visitors include:

  • Guests must abide by the rules of the location, set forth by the landlord of the location
  • Guests must leave the occupation once the set time limit is up
  • A guest who stays past the limit must be reported as an extended stay guest
  • Guests who want to become tenants must pass certain checks before moving in and must be reported

These general standards adhere to all locations where an individual has access to Section 8. These rules keep occupants from taking up space that belongs to you, though there is a way to make them fellow tenants in the home if you fill out the proper paperwork.

What if you break these rules for Section 8? What will happen if you don’t inform anyone of your guest? Let’s discuss the consequences next, which can be dire if you’re not careful about the people you allow to live with you on Section 8.

hash-markWhat Happens if You Break Section 8 Rules?

What happens if you break the Section 8 rules and add someone to your home? There are a few consequences that could occur.

If you break the Section 8 rules, you could face punishment such as:

  • Losing or receiving restricted access to your Section 8 voucher
  • Being forced to move from your current residence
  • Losing privileges that you gained within the area

These could result if you don’t take the time to abide by the housing guest policies set in place by the location.

It’s not worth risking your housing assistance to keep a guest for longer, even if you think you’re in the clear. Ensure you abide by the rules and regulations. Speak to someone in charge if you need help. There should be a way you can solve your guest crisis if you locate the right person to talk to within your complex.

hash-markWho Can Live With You on Section 8 FAQ

1. Can your boyfriend live with you on Section 8?

What if you have a significant other, like a boyfriend? Are they allowed to live with you on Section 8, or are they barred from occupying your house? This question is one that many people under Section 8 want to know the answer to when looking to add someone they love. We have a detailed answer right here.

Depending on their income, your boyfriend or significant other can live with you on Section 8 if you submit the correct paperwork. They will need to receive approval and help with the rent, but they will likely be able to move in with you if they qualify.

The same applies to someone such as a wife or husband. Fill out the proper paperwork, notify those who you’re renting from, and move forward from there. You might get approval, and you might get denied. Only your local housing authority can determine the answer after you submit the necessary information for your new roommate.

2. How long can someone stay with you on Section 8?

We briefly mentioned long-term guests above. But not everyone knows what Section 8’s rules are on guests. What is ‘long-term’? How long is someone allowed to stay with you on Section 8? There are some strict guidelines in place.

Although rules may vary by location, HUD states that guests can’t stay with you for more than twenty-one days out of the year. Only fourteen of these can be consecutive. Ensure you communicate with local staff if you feel like you could go over this rule.