12 Most Liberal States in the US

By PropertyClub Team
May 25th 2024
The most liberal states, according to recent data, include Massachusetts, Vermont, New York, Hawaii, New Jersey, Connecticut, California, Illinois, Rhode Island, Maine, Oregon, and Washington. These states have a higher percentage of voters who identify as Democrats or lean towards the Democratic party.

This article explores the 12 most liberal states in the U.S., highlighting their political landscape and voter demographics. It delves into how these states are governed, with a focus on their legislative and gubernatorial control. Each state's liberal credentials are backed by voter registration data and recent election results, painting a picture of the U.S. political map where these states stand out for their liberal ideologies.

hash-markKey Findings

  1. Massachusetts is the most liberal state in the US, with roughly 56% of voters identifying as being part of the Democratic party or leaning Democrat. The state also has a Democratic trifecta, with both houses of the state legislature and governor being Democrats. 
  2. The second most liberal state in the US is Vermont. It is also the state with the highest percetage of liberal voters, with 57% of Vermont voters being registered Democrats or leaning Democrat.
  3. New York is the third most liberal state in the US with 51% of voters being democrats or leaning leftwards. In the 2020 presidential election, President Biden won the state by over 23.1%. 

hash-mark12 Most Liberal States in the USA

  1. Massachusetts
  2. Vermont
  3. New York
  4. Hawaii
  5. New Jersey
  6. Connecticut
  7. California
  8. Illinois
  9. Rhode Island
  10. Maine
  11. Oregon
  12. Washington

hash-mark1. Massachusetts

The most liberal state in the USA is Massachusetts. According to a recent study performed by Gallup, roughly 56% of Massachusetts voters identify as Democrats or lean Democrat, which is the highest percentage of any state, and its effects can be seen in its Democratic trifecta. All three of the state’s governing bodies, the Senate, House of Representatives, and Governor’s position are Democratically controlled. And both the Senate and House of Representatives hold a Democratic supermajority. This makes Massachusetts the number one place in America for voters with more liberal ideologies.

hash-mark2. Vermont

Vermont is another one of the most liberal states in the country. However, it was a Republican stronghold up until the 1960s. Vermont has since swung mostly liberal, and the Democratic party rules local politics. The Republican party still controls the office of governor. However, Democrats control the offices of attorney general, secretary of state, and the state legislature. According to a Pew Research poll, 57% of Vermont residents lean Democrat, while only 29% lean Republican (14% don’t lean either way). Over 66% of Vermont residents voted Democrat in the last presidential election. 

hash-mark3. New York

New York is well-known for being popular among liberals and Democrats. Though the State Senate did recently lose one vacant seat to the Republican party in 2022, it still has 42 Representatives in the Democratic Party. This keeps the State Senate liberally controlled. Democrats also hold the majority of the State Assembly, with 102 Democratic Senators in place as of January 2023. Additionally, the state Governor is part of the Democratic Party, maintaining New York’s status as a Democratic trifecta. 

hash-mark4. Hawaii

Hawaii is another one of the most liberal states in America. This state has a population of about 1.44 million, and 51% of its voters align with liberal ideology. While Hawaii’s House of Representatives did lose two seats to the Republican Party in 2022, it still remains a Democratic supermajority. Hawaii’s State Senate also lost one seat to the Republican Party in 2022 but still remains a Democratic supermajority. Retaining a Democratic Governor, Hawaii’s trifecta status makes it one of the most liberal states in the nation. 

hash-mark5. New Jersey

New Jersey is another one of the most liberal states in America. It has a voting population of about 9.26 Million people, and 50% of these voters identify themselves as liberal-leaning. The state’s General Assembly, Senate, and Governor positions are all currently Democratically-controlled, though all the Senate and General Assembly seats are up for reelection in 2023. Additionally, the state’s attorney general and secretary of state are also Democrats, making this state both a government trifecta and a government triplex. 

hash-mark6. Connecticut

Connecticut is also one of the most liberal states in the US. While the state is often known for its many wealthy communities, it has recently become a popular area for liberals and democrats. This state’s voting population is about 3.63 Million, and 50% of its voters consider themselves to be part of Democratic Party or to lean Democrat. In addition, the state’s House of Representatives, Senate, and Governor positions are all currently Democratically-controlled. 

hash-mark7. California

Liberals from across the country have always flocked to California. This west coast state boasts a voting population of about 39 Million, and roughly 49% of its voters identify as Democrats. According to the most recent election data, California also has a Democratic supermajority in both the Senate and State Assembly. With a well-established Democratic governor, California is another west coast state with Democratic trifecta status. 

hash-mark8. Illinois

Illinois is also a Democratically-controlled state. This central state has a total voter population of about 12.6 Million, roughly 48% of whom align with the Democratic Party. Per the 2022 election, the entire Illinois General Assembly is Democrat-led; the State Senate has 72 Democratic Senators, and the House has 41 Democratic Representatives. The state’s Governor is also part of the Democratic party, giving Illinois a trifecta status. 

hash-mark9. Rhode Island

Rhode Island is also one of the most liberal states in the US. For the past five decades, Rhode Island’s local government has been dominated by Democrats. The state has had a Democratic governor since 2015, and it has only elected two Republicans to the US Senate since 1934. According to a Pew Research poll, 48% of Rhode Island residents are registered Democrats or lean Democrat, compared to 26% who are registered Republicans. Almost 60% of residents voted for Joe Biden in the last presidential election. 

hash-mark10. Maine

Another one of the most liberal states in the US is Maine. This coastal state has a voting population of about 1.4 Million, and 47% of these voters consider themselves Democrats. In addition, both its State Senate and House of Representatives are Democratically-controlled, and its Governor’s seat is currently also held by the Democratic Party. Overall, this makes Maine one of the strongest liberal states in the nation. 

hash-mark11. Oregon

Oregon is the most liberal state in the pacific northwest. It is a popular choice among democratic party supporters on the west coast. This state is home to about 4.24 Million residents, 47% of whom describe themselves as Democratic voters. Oregon’s governing bodies are all liberally controlled – though the splits within the House and Senate are slightly narrower than other states on this list. 

hash-mark12. Washington

Washington is the most liberal state on America’s west coast. This state is home to roughly 7.8 Million residents, about 44% of whom identify as liberal voters. The State Senate is controlled by the Democratic Party, which holds 9 more seats than its Republican counterparts. Democrats also control the state’s House, which has a total of 58 Democratic Representatives. Additionally, the state’s Governor is a member of the Democratic Party, making Washington another state with a liberal trifecta. 

hash-mark12 Most Liberal States Comparison


Estimated Population


Democrat Voter Percentage


7.03 Million





New York

20.2 Million



1.44 Million


New Jersey

9.26 Million



3.63 Million



39.0 Million



12.6 Million


Rhode Island

1.09 Million



1.39 Million



4.24 Million



7.96 Million


hash-markMost Liberal States Takeaways

In conclusion, these 12 states represent the strongest liberal strongholds in the United States. Their political alignment is clearly reflected in the high percentage of voters who identify with or lean towards the Democratic Party. This alignment influences both local and national policies, showing how the political leanings of a state's residents can shape its governance and the overall direction of its legislation.

Understanding the political landscape of these states helps us see why certain policies and political decisions happen the way they do. Whether it's healthcare, education, or environmental policies, the liberal majorities in these states play a crucial role in shaping their responses to national issues and challenges.