Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Miami

By PropertyClub Team
Jun 20th 2023
Miami is a relatively safe city compared to other similarly sized cities. However, there are some bad areas and dangerous neighborhoods in Mimia that are dangerous that should be avoided. Read on to discover the most dangerous neighborhoods in Miami. 

hash-markHow Dangerous Is Miami? 

Miami is not dangerous, especially if you stay downtown and in tourist areas. After all, Miami is a popular vacation and tourist destination, and many celebrities live in the city, so the local police have ensured they keep it safe. 

However, many places within the city are less than desirable. Generally, crime is the worst in Downtown and Northern Miami, with southern Miami areas being the safest. Regardless, even with some bad areas, Miami does not rank among the most dangerous cities in America. However, one should still exercise caution or avoid visiting these neighborhoods. 

Read on to discover the ten most dangerous neighborhoods in Miami. 

hash-mark10 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Miami

  1. Model City
  2. Overtown
  3. Downtown
  4. Allapattah
  5. Little Haiti
  6. Little Havana
  7. Wynwood
  8. West Flagler
  9. Upper Eastside
  10. South Coconut Grove

hash-markModel City

The most dangerous neighborhood in Miami is Model City. This neighborhood has a population of 25,023 and is generally considered the worst area in Miami in terms of violent crime. It is located in the Northwest quadrant of the city, and many of its violent crimes are connected to the drug trade in the area. Gun violence, burglaries, robberies, and drive-by shootings are prevalent in Model City. Murders have steadily increased year to year and gone up by 40% from 2011 to 2013. Although crime action has dropped in the neighborhood in recent years due to police being more present, it is still a dangerous neighborhood, and we would not encourage walking and biking only during the daytime. 


This neighborhood has a population of 9,640 and is one of Miami’s most significant historic neighborhoods. Even though Overtown does have an active police presence, crime is still a problem in the residential part of the neighborhood. Crimes that are most reported in Overtown include drug trafficking, assaults, and shootings. In 2020, Violent crimes in Overtown were ranked 124% higher than the national average. Due to predatory crimes, walking or biking past dark is not advised, even in a group.  


Downtown Miami is one of the city’s most violent areas. The population in Downtown Miami is 30,500, and the violent crime rate is 186% higher than the national average. As of 2022, residents have about a 10% chance of being victims of any crime and a 1.2% chance of being victims of a violent crime. If you want to explore downtown, the daytime is the best time for walking around or biking. Gang activity is a problem in this part of the city, and walking alone outside the tourist areas can be dangerous. On the corners of Miami, you will find many homeless people, and panhandling is an issue. Even on public transit, it is advised to watch out for thieves and pickpockets. 4. 


The population of Allapattah is about 48,221, and it is located north of downtown. At one time, this was a Dominican residential village, but now it has a diverse population. Although Allapattah’s crime is not excessive, there are pockets of crime throughout the neighborhood. Unfortunately, there are shootings in Allapattah, which gives it a bad reputation in Miami. Even though there’s a large police presence, crime rates are still 125% higher than the national average. It’s relatively safe to ride your bike or walk in Allapattah during the day and evening, but you should stay east of 9th Ave and north of 20th St. as they are known for having criminal elements. Public transit is available and relatively safe.

hash-markLittle Haiti

The population of Little Haiti is around 29,760, and it is located north of Downtown Miami. This city was originally housed by Haitian immigrants and other Caribbean residents and is referred to as Lemon City. While there is a lot of Hispanic heritage in Little Haiti, the presence of high crime is an unfortunate part of the community. Shootings, assaults, and other violence often occur in Little Haiti. The violent crime rate in Little Haiti is 200% greater than the national average. Police are not active in this community, according to the residents. Visiting little Haiti would be best done during daylight as nighttime can be dangerous.

hash-markLittle Havana

The population of Little Havana is around 76,163, and it is located west of downtown Miami. Little Havana is known for its Cuban heritage and restaurants. However, violence stemming from gang activity remains a problem. While crime has decreased in recent years, violent crime and property crime still remain. Many residents feel the police presence is not adequate. Areas around Little Havana that are safe include West of 22 Ave and south of 8 St, the central part, which is a tourist destination. Public transit is available and a safe way to get around.


The population of Wynwood is around 17,923 people, and it is located north of Miami and south of the Design District of Little Haiti. Property crime is common, with car theft, vandalism, assault, and other forms of theft are common. Although this neighborhood is safer than 23% of Florida’s Miami neighborhoods, the violent crime rate is much higher than the national average by 285%. In 2021, there were 726 violent crimes and 6,542 property crimes reported, and police believe many violent cases go unreported. 

hash-markWest Flagler

The population of West Flagler is around 49,734, and it is located west of Miami. Although you may be able to walk during the day and night in this neighborhood, you should not travel alone. This neighborhood has a lot of petty crimes, and burglary happens often. There are a total of 2,427 crimes per 100,000 residents, of which 2,158 crimes include theft, vehicle theft, and burglary. 

hash-markUpper Eastside

The Upper Eastside is another one of Miami’s most dangerous neighborhoods. The neighborhood has 7,725 residents and is located East of Little Haiti. The violent crime rates in this neighborhood are very high. Compared to the national average, violent crime in this area is 230%

higher, making it a very unsafe place to live. However, there is a heavy police presence that responds rapidly to crime. 

hash-markSouth Coconut Grove

Mostly called The Grove by locals, the population here is 7,956. There are mixed reviews when it comes to Coconut Grove. On average, North Coconut Grove is 55% safer than the rest of Miami. However, South Coconut Grove is more dangerous, especially at night. Overall total crime is 5% more than the national average, and violent crime is 12% more than the national average. However, there is a police presence, and walking or biking is relatively safe. 

hash-markMiami Crime and Safety: Bottom Line 

Miami as a whole is not a dangerous city, and even some of these neighborhoods have areas that are popular tourist destinations. However, knowing your whereabouts and using common sense should prove effective in avoiding becoming the victim of a crime. Considering this, planning a vacation shouldn’t be a problem!