Best House Flipping Shows

By PropertyClub Team
Jul 8th 2023
Real estate is a popular genre that has been growing on reality TV and the docuseries circuits. One of the subgenres that you might have gotten into is house flipping—the art of buying a distressed property, rehabbing it, and then selling it for a profit. Read on to discover the best house-flipping shows to stream right now.

Because there is so much involvement in house flipping, there are a ton of shows that follow people who are uncovering the process for themselves. It’s a lot of work, but these shows can give you a sneak peek if you’re curious about it or have been thinking of flipping homes yourself. 

hash-mark11 Best House Flipping Shows

  1. Flipping 101
  2. Flip or Flop
  3. Property Brothers
  4. Home Town
  5. Holmes on Homes
  6. Austin Flippers
  7. Design on a Dime
  8. Genevieve’s Renovation
  9. Fixer Upper
  10. Good Bones
  11. Zombie House Flipping

hash-markFlipping 101

The best house-flipping show is Flipping 101. Whether you're you curious about the basics of a typical home flipping project, or you want to see newbies tackle their very first flip, this show has you covered. Each episode features him taking a new investor under his wing, giving valuable home flipping advice, and watching every aspect, from the building to the sale. Some flips flop and others end up being a major boon for both Tarek and his guest. 

hash-markFlip or Flop

This flagship show brought Tarek El Moussa and his (then) wife Christina Haack together. What did they do? Well, they did house flipping, and they walked through it with all the kind of glamorous charm that you would expect them to have. 

Flip or Flop was one of the first house flipping shows to take hold in the American psyche. This great show lays down the basics of a home flip and makes you feel like you could be the next Tarek or Christina.

hash-markProperty Brothers

If any home renovation and flipping show had the title of being the OG series, it’s probably Property Brothers. This series follows two real-life brothers navigating the real estate world. One brother is a construction maverick who helps people prepare their homes for sale. 

The other brother? He’s a licensed real estate agent. He helps push the sale through and also helps the family hunt for a brand new home. Together, they make for a unique dream team that brings a little family love to the world of real estate. 

hash-markHome Town

If you take a look at most house flipping shows, they always seem to take place in “hot market” areas like San Francisco or Long Island. (Yes, Long Island is hot real estate.) Home Town is one of the few shows to take things down south in places that feel like a classic hometown in a movie set. 

This flip show features Erin and Ben Napier as they renovate and upgrade historic homes throughout Mississippi. There’s a lot of “Southern fried” charm to the show, and it’s so popular that each of them got their own spin-off show that focuses on their strong points. 

hash-markHolmes on Homes

Do you like the brash and loud way Gordon Ramsay advises people on Kitchen Nightmares? If so, you’ll probably like how Mike Holmes handles this side of the real estate business. His job is simple: visit badly executed house flips, then educates viewers on how to avoid making these mistakes. 

Even if you are not a house flipper, Holmes on Homes offers a lot of education and entertainment under one roof. (Pun intended!) You’ll learn which amenities don’t work, how to choose a smart contractor, and what the most common mistakes are.

hash-markAustin Flipsters

A dynamic duo based out of Austin, Texas, are the cohosts of this show. Austin Flipsters gained a strong following among people who want to start flipping homes in cities that are starting to “pop” as far as populations go. 

Unlike many other shows, Austin Flipsters will go over the nitty-gritty details of home flips to the point where you get to see every little detail. You get a guide on what materials to buy, the best places to source them from, and more. It’s an intense show, to say the least.

hash-markDesign on a Dime

If you are first starting out on house flipping, then you probably aren’t going to have much money to play with. You might not even have enough to put down $1000 or so. Design on a Dime is a show that’s become a mainstay among flippers on a budget. Why? Because it’s all about adding glam without pain points.

Design on a Dime is a show that hinges on affordable DIY renovations that anyone can do. If you like looking at ways to jazz up a room, then this is a good way to get your fix. Even if you’re not flipping, the inspiration you can get from this show makes it worth a lookie-loo. 

hash-markGenevieve’s Renovation

Luxury designer Genevieve Gorder has a number of shows under her belt, and the number one pick we suggest is Genevieve’s Renovation. Why? Because it’s one of the few home-flipping shows to take place in an exceptionally crowded city: New York City, to be precise.

Genevieve bought up her neighbor’s home next door. Now, her goal is to create a luxury apartment that would work wonders for her real estate portfolio. We’ve all seen amateurs get into the design fold, but what about someone like Genevieve? This show quickly becomes a major source of inspiration for everyone who watches it.

hash-markFixer Upper

If you are a fan of Southern home rehab shows, then you will enjoy the lives of Chip and Magnolia Gaines. Fixer Upper follows Magnolia Homes in Waco, and technically, they are a fix and flip company. However, this is not a typical company. 

They take dilapidated and distressed houses in struggling neighborhoods, then fix them up. Why? Because doing this helps breathe new life into these communities. It’s a do good, feel good type of show. (Besides, we love those Texan accents!)

hash-markGood Bones

When developers and home flippers talk about houses and how they are supposed to improve, they often mention that a home has “good bones.” But what does this mean? Good Bones is a show that explains by doing. 

It all starts when the mother-daughter team Starsiak goes into a home that has been gutted or put in extreme distress. They look at the home’s interior and take a closer examination of the house’s structural beams. Is it salvageable? Can they turn it into a new dream home? You might have a knack for purchasing if you start seeing what they do.

hash-markZombie House Flipping

Most house flip shows involve homes that look a little worn but not terrible. Zombie House Flipping makes a point of finding the ugliest, most dilapidated homes they can. We’re talking about houses that were abandoned for years, purportedly haunted, and vandalized.

It’s a little spooky and a little wild to see the “night and day” changes that this single-season show was able to do. However, anyone who wants to see the definition of an extreme home flip should give this show a shot. It’s a surprisingly juicy pick.