10 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Cincinnati

May 15th 2024
Once a manufacturing hub, Cincinnati has seen some revitalization after decades of economic troubles. While many parts of Cincinnati are seeing new life, violent crime and gang activity still plague many parts of the city. The worst neighborhoods in Cincinnati are North Fairmount, South Fairmount, and South Cumminsville, due to their extraordinarily high crime rates.

hash-markIs Cincinnati Safe?

Cincinnati is not a safe city as it has a violent crime rate of 839 per 100,000, which is 110% higher than the national average. Your chance of being the victim of a violent crime while living in the city is 1 in 118, making Cincinnati one of the most dangerous cities in Ohio. The city's murder rate is also 305% higher than the US average.

Property crime is another significant problem in Cincinnati, with a rate of 3,796 per 100,000, almost double the US average. 

If you are looking to visit or move to the city read on to discover the ten worst neighborhoods in Cincinnati, so you know which areas are best avoided. 

hash-markMost Dangerous Neighborhoods in Cincinnati

  1. North Fairmount
  2. South Fairmount
  3. South Cumminsville 
  4. East Westwood
  5. Lower Price Hill
  6. West End
  7. East Price Hill
  8. Sedamsville
  9. Price Hill
  10. Over-The-Rhine

hash-mark1. North Fairmount

North Fairmount is the most dangerous neighborhood in Cincinnati due to its high violent crime rate. North Fairmount is located in west Cincinnati and is part of the larger Fairmount area. With a population of around 1,951, North Fairmount has a crime rate that is 76% above the city average. Violent crime is rife in North Fairmount, with homicides, drive-by shootings, carjackings, and robberies being commonplace. The area has a strong gang presence, which contributes to much of the crime in the area. 

hash-mark2. South Fairmount

South Fairmount is also one of the worst neighborhoods in Cincinnati for crime. Directly adjacent to North Fairmount, this neighborhood has longstanding issues with violent crime, gang activity, and poverty. South Fairmount has a population of 3,975, with a crime rate that is 73% above the city average. There was a total of 7,219 criminal incidents in 2022, including 1,409 violent crimes and 5,811 property crimes. Many residents in South Fairmount live below the poverty line, with families earning 43% below the national average. 

hash-mark3. South Cumminsville 

Located on Cincinnati’s west side, South Cumminsville has earned a reputation as one of the most dangerous areas in the city. Out of a population of 3,137, South Cumminsville has a crime rate that is 72% above the city average. Many families in South Cumminsville live below the poverty line with few employment opportunities. Urban decay is a problem in the area, and many areas have not seen revitalization in decades. 

hash-mark4. East Westwood

East Westwood is a small community located in west Cincinnati. With a population of 2,458, East Westwood’s crime rate is 203% above the national average. East Westwood has been slowly transitioning, with many new homes being built. Despite this, many residents complain of property crimes such as car theft and burglary. Violent crimes like robbery and homicide still occur in isolated areas. 

hash-mark5. Lower Price Hill

Lower Price Hill is a historic neighborhood located near downtown Cincinnati. With a population of only 928 people, Lower Price Hill has a crime rate that is 63% above the city average. Crimes like burglary, theft, car theft, robbery, and assault are common in the area. However, not all of Lower Price Hill is dangerous. Areas around Covedale and Overlook are generally safer than other parts of the neighborhood. 

hash-mark6. West End 

West End is an area located near Queensgate and Fairview. Like many areas near downtown, West End suffers from unemployment, violent crime, and poverty. Out of a population of 7,951, West End has a crime rate that is 62% above the national average. Gang activity is present in the West End neighborhood, with violent crime and drug trafficking being common. Poverty is also an issue in the area, with the average income being 52% below the national average. 

hash-mark7. East Price Hill

One of the oldest settlements in Cincinnati, East Price Hill, is located near Sedamsville and Riverside. With a population of 11,509, East Price Hill has a crime rate that is 60% above the national average. Property crime is a concern in the area, with burglaries and car thefts being common. Other common issues include gang activity, drug trafficking, and overall violence in the neighborhood. East Price Hill is considered a low-income area, with the average resident earning 52% below the national average. 

hash-mark8. Sedamsville

Sedamsville is a neighborhood in southern Cincinnati known for its historic houses. Out of a population of roughly 1,256 people, Sedamsville’s crime rate is 57% above the national average. Property crime is a major concern in Sedamsville with burglary, car theft, and larceny being common. Many residents in Sedamsville live below the poverty line, and schools in the area are poorly rated. 

hash-mark9. Price Hill

Price Hill is a busy area near downtown that contains much of the city’s art galleries, theaters, and notable restaurants. Price Hill is a large area encompassing other neighborhoods with a population of around 17,825. The crime rate in Price Hills is 158% above the national average, with residents having a 1 in 17 chance of becoming the victim of a crime. Price Hill struggles with poverty and has a poorly rated-school system. 

hash-mark10. Over-The-Rhine

Over-The-Rhine is a large historic district in Cincinnati with some of the best-preserved buildings in the city. While the area attracts many tourists, property crime and some violent incidents remain a concern. Out of a population of 6,048, Over-The-Rhine has a crime rate that is 78% above the national average. Unsuspecting tourists can find themselves victims of various types of theft, including car theft, pickpocketing, and sometimes robbery. Overall, many criminal incidents can be avoided by using taking precautions.