10 Largest Cities in Michigan

By PropertyClub Team
Jan 31st 2024
With a population of 10,040,000, Michigan is the 10th largest state in the country by population. It has many large cities that offer unique contributions to the country's economy and cultural identity. Here is a look at the ten biggest cities in Michigan by population.  

hash-mark10 Largest Cities in Michigan (2024)

  1. Detroit
  2. Grand Rapids
  3. Warren
  4. Sterling Heights
  5. Ann Arbor
  6. Lansing
  7. Dearborn
  8. Clinton Township
  9. Canton 
  10. Livonia

hash-mark1. Detroit (Population: 632,464)

Detroit is the largest city in Michigan and the second largest in the Midwest (after Chicago), with a population of over 600,000. It's also one of the most dangerous cities in Michigan. Nicknamed "the Motor City," Detroit has a long legacy as the epicenter of the automobile industry as the headquarters of the Big 3 car companies - Ford, GM, and Chrysler. Detroit is also well known for its cultural contributions as the home of Motown and a major hub of jazz, punk, rock, and rap music. Although it's experienced economic problems in recent years, Detroit is still a cultural powerhouse with a unique history and identity. 

hash-mark2. Grand Rapids (Population: 197,416)

Grand Rapids is the seat of Kent County and the second-largest city in Michigan by population. Nicknamed "the Furniture City," Grand Rapids is a major hub for furniture manufacturing, which provides a stable economy, along with other industries such as healthcare, IT, automotive, aviation, and more. The local economy is projected to grow at twice the rate of the national average, making it Michigan's fastest-growing metro area. Plus, the median property value is only $250,500, offering big city amenities at the prices of a small town.

hash-mark3. Warren (Population: 138,130)

Warren is also one of the biggest cities in Michigan by population. It is the largest city in Macomb County and the third largest in Michigan overall. Considered part of the greater Metro Detroit area, Warren is another major hub for the automobile industry and home to many businesses, including the GM Technical Center and US Army Detroit Arsenal. It's one of Detroit's largest suburbs and features 24 parks, a fine arts center, and several performing arts venues. With a stable job market, affordable real estate, and an easy commute to Detroit, Warren has much to offer families and young professionals.

hash-mark4. Sterling Heights (Population: 133,269)

Sterling Heights is another one of the largest cities in Michigan. Sterling Heights is known as a major suburb of Detroit. Considered one of Detroit's fastest-growing suburbs, Sterling Heights has been named one of the country's safest and most affordable cities. It has a median property value of $270,289 and a crime rate roughly 56% lower than the national average, making it an attractive city for families looking for a quiet area with an easy commute to Detroit.

hash-mark5. Ann Arbor (Population: 121,536)

Another one of the biggest cities in Michigan is Ann Arbor. It's one of the largest cities in western Michigan, and Ann Arbor is also famous for being the home of the University of Michigan. The university employs a significant percentage of residents and houses several museums and performing arts venues on campus. The economy is primarily centered around technology and attracts businesses drawn by the research centers at the University of Michigan. With plenty of green spaces, family friendly-neighborhoods, and a stable economy, Ann Arbor attracts residents seeking great schools and affordable housing.

hash-mark6. Lansing (Population: 112,684)

Lansing is the capital of Michigan and its sixth-largest city by population. Located mostly in Ingraham County, Lansing is a pivotal center for education, government, and business activity. Michigan State University is located in the nearby city of East Lansing, offering employment and recreational opportunities. The city's Old Town Lansing District is a popular attraction full of fun local shops, dining, and community event centers. Plus, with a median property value of $118,500, many residents are drawn by the affordable real estate and abundance of opportunity. 

hash-mark7. Dearborn (Population: 108,420)

Dearborn is also one of the largest cities in Michigan, with a population of 108,420. It is located in Wayne County, Michigan, southwest of Detroit. It's known for having the largest Muslim population in the United States (per capita) and is home to the largest mosque in the country. Plus, Dearborn also has the largest Lebanese American population in the country. Ford Motor Company is headquartered in Dearborn, which is the city's largest employer. It's also home to the Henry Ford Museum and Arab American National Museum, among other cultural attractions. Dearborn is a pleasant suburb with a proud heritage and low cost of living, attracting residents from many different cultures.

hash-mark8. Clinton Township (Population: 99,820)

Clinton is a charter township in Macomb County and is the eight biggest city in Michigan by population. Named after the Clinton River, which runs through the community, Clinton charter township is known for its many parks, including George George Memorial Park, a 30-acre green space with a massive fountain plaza. The township is also home to CJ Barrymore's, an amusement park with water slides, concessions, and a bowling alley. Overall, Clinton charter township is a lowkey Detroit suburb offering friendly neighbors and affordable homes.

hash-mark9. Canton (Population: 98,620 )

Canton is also one of the biggest cities in Michigan by population. Canton is located in Wayne County between Detroit and Ann Arbor. It's considered an affluent area with a median household income of $104,535 yet a median property value of $284,500. It's also consistently rated one of the safest areas in the country, with a crime rate roughly 50% lower than the national average. The township is home to several historic communities, such as Cherry Hill and Sheldon, which feature preserved architecture and buildings on the National Register of Historic Places. With low crime, great schools, and ample employment opportunities, Canton Charter Township is often listed as one of the best places to live in Michigan.

hash-mark10. Livonia (Population: 94,422)

Livonia is another one of the largest cities in Michigan. Located in Wayne County, Michigan, about 2 miles west of the Detroit City limits, Livonia has a population of over 94,000. Although initially a township, Livonia was officially incorporated as a city in 1950. The local economy is mainly centered around the automotive industry, healthcare, and education. Livonia is full of winding rivers and creeks which connect Newburgh and Nankin Lakes. It's also home to the Livonia Hockey Association, the state's largest amateur hockey league. With a median property value of $273,000, Livonia is also one of the cheapest places to live in Michigan. It's a great, affordable city full of midwestern charm.