Cheapest Places to Live in Oregon

By PropertyClub Team
Jan 18th 2023
With its immense natural beauty and diverse outdoor recreational opportunities, Oregon is popular among those moving to the west coast. This list of the eight cheapest places to live in Oregon will guide your search for the state’s most affordable cities. 

hash-mark8 Cheapest Places to Live in Oregon

  1. Baker City
  2. Ontario
  3. La Grande
  4. Umatilla
  5. Milton-Freewater
  6. Klamath Falls
  7. Hermiston
  8. Coos Bay

hash-mark1. Baker City

The cheapest city to live in Oregon is Baker City. Located in the state’s northwestern corner, this city is home to the Elkhorn Mountains, Anthony Lakes Ski Area, and the Eagle Cap Wilderness Area. All of these stunning natural attractions make Baker City a popular stop among tourists looking for a cheaper alternative to the state’s expensive east coast. And as an added bonus, this city’s Historic Downtown District also possesses some of the state’s best eateries. Home prices in this area average around $214k, making it the single most affordable area in all of Oregon.

hash-mark2. Ontario

Ontario is the second-cheapest place to live in Oregon. This city is located on the Idaho border and is perfect for those who are interested in visiting the state’s beautiful arid deserts. Other local natural attractions include several river canyons and mountain ranges, and the Four Rivers Cultural Center provides fun for the entire family. The city is known for its cultural diversity, vibrant local community, and rich heritage – all of which add to its slogan, “Where Oregon Begins.” With home prices averaging $250k, Ontario is ultimately the second-most affordable area in the entire state. 

hash-mark3. La Grande

Tucked away in the Grande Ronde Valley is La Grande, another one of Oregon’s cheapest cities. With a population of 13,158 people, La Grande is the third-largest city in eastern Oregon and is popular for its easy access to the eastern foothills of the Blue Mountains. The local abundance of natural resources and great weather make this city a popular destination for hunters, campers, bird watchers, skiers, and snowboarders alike. Additionally, the city is home to Eastern Oregon University, the state’s only liberal arts university east of the Cascade Mountains. Home prices in this area average at $265k, keeping La Grande an affordable part of eastern Oregon. 

hash-mark4. Umatilla

Umatilla is the most affordable place to live along the Washington border. This small town has a population of about 7,373 residents, making it a perfect area for those who prefer a more secluded lifestyle. Winter is a particularly fun season in this small town when the surrounding wilderness becomes a wonderland of snow-covered mountain peaks, crystallized lakes, and frosted plains. Local attractions include the Umatilla National Forest, McNary Wildlife Nature Area, Big River Golf Course, and the Blue Mountain Scenic Corridor & State Park. With home prices averaging around $266k, Umatilla is a great area to find a cheap and cozy winter getaway. 

hash-mark5. Milton-Freewater

Milton-Freewater is another cheap area in northwest Oregon. This small town is close to both the Washington and Idaho borders and has a rough population of about 7,144 people. Its residents can enjoy warm summers and mild winters, which help make the area an epicenter of agriculture. In particular, this city is known for its production of apples, apricots, cherries, strawberries, and other temperate fruits and vegetables. And it harbors some of the state’s most renowned wineries. Home prices in this area average around $275k, which makes it ideal for those who prefer a more temperate Oregon experience.

hash-mark6. Klamath Falls

Klamath Falls is the cheapest city on Oregon’s southern border. Situated less than thirty minutes from the California state line, this city possesses quick access to several natural wonders, such as Clearwater Falls, the Lower Klamath National Wildlife Refuge, the Pacific Flyway, and the Upper Klamath Lake. These incredible natural attractions and the area’s unprecedented 300 days of sunshine make it a popular destination among nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts alike. With a resident base of about 22,062 people and an average home price of $298k, Klamath Falls is perfect for those who prefer a cheap, mid-size city. 

hash-mark7. Hermiston

Hermiston is another one of Oregon’s cheapest places to live. With a population of 19,455 people, this city is the largest in the Eastern Oregon region and is a local hub for both business and agriculture. The area’s hot summers yield the area’s main crop of delicious watermelons, which are said to be the largest, juiciest, and sweetest in the region. Additional attractions in this area include the Columbia River and Hat Rock Park. Home prices in Hermiston average at $335k, keeping it a sweet part of Oregon’s cheapest cities. 

hash-mark8. Coos Bay

Coos Bay is one of the cheapest places to live in Oregon for those with a more artistic nature. This thriving city is located on the Pacific Coast and is the largest deep-draft port between San Francisco and Puget Sound. The area is home to nearly 16,000 residents, who possess a profoundly creative and eclectic spirit. This can be seen in the city’s local attractions, which include an abundance of theaters, shops, independent restaurants, art galleries, and parks. Home prices here average at $357k, making Coos Bay the cheapest area on Oregon’s western waterfront.