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Bay Ridge is an up and coming residential neighborhood in the western part of Brooklyn, close to the Verazzano Bridge. Due to the area's more isolated location, and local residents' long-standing opposition to any rezoning, most of the housing stock is older two-family houses and walk-up buildings. The neighborhood also has several historic rowhouses, many of which are in the Doctor's Row historic district. This combination of older housing stock and opposition to rezoning and new development led to real estate prices that remained attractive up until recently when the low prices started to lead to an influx of new buyers. This has, in turn, led to rising prices with Bay Ridge apartments for sale experiencing dramatic increases in average selling prices. The neighborhood has also started to experience some new development in recent years, but so far, that has mostly been limited to a few condos due to the existing zoning laws, which only began to change in the mid to late 2000s. If you're looking to buy a nice apartment in one of Brooklyn's safest areas for a relatively cheap price that won't break the bank, Bay Ridge is a great option. The community has also long been popular with families who have planted roots over the years. This has led to the area becoming known for its very friendly, small-town type of vibe, which makes renting an apartment in Bay Ridge all the more enjoyable. 

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