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All about luxury rental apartments in Queens, NY

Up until recently, Queens was not known as a place to find luxury apartment rentals. The borough had a reputation as being more of a working-class melting pot with affordable housing. That has rapidly changed as neighborhoods like Long Island City and Astoria have become home to some of the best luxury rental apartments in Queens. In recent years the trend for Queens luxury apartments has continued throughout the borough as new properties like Alvista Towers in Jamaica have been constructed while older buildings like Parker Towers in Flushing have been completely renovated. There's a clear trend that shows strong demand from renters looking for luxury apartments in Queens, so it seems a foregone conclusion that the 2020s will see more residential development in the borough.
One of the major perks of renting a Queens luxury apartment is the pricing, which is significantly lower than on a comparable residence in Brooklyn or Manhattan. Another perk is the location, as most of the luxury buildings in Queens are in Long Island City, which is just across the river from midtown. That means that tenants in luxury rental apartments in Long Island City enjoy convenient access to Manhattan and a very short commute, all for a price that is very competitive. Best of all, these rentals are almost always no-fee apartments.