Safest Neighborhoods in Chicago

By PropertyClub Team
May 16th 2023
Chicago is one of America’s most important cities, but it has unfortunately picked up a reputation for having a high crime rate. While it is true that Chicago isn’t as safe as New York or some other major cities, it does have plenty of safe neighborhoods. Read on to discover some of the safest places to live in Chicago. 

hash-mark15 Safest Neighborhoods in Chicago

  1. Edison Park
  2. Norwood Park
  3. Forest Glen
  4. Lake View
  5. Mount Greenwood
  6. Westmont
  7. Rogers Park
  8. West Lawn
  9. Streeterville
  10. North Center
  11. O’Hare
  12. Hegewisch
  13. Lincoln Park
  14. Printer’s Row
  15. Chicago Loop

hash-markEdison Park

The safest neighborhood in Chicago is Edison Park, thanks to its low crime rate, which is 77% lower than the rest of the city. Located in the Northwestern region of Chicago, Edison Park is somewhat distant from the city center. However, that means it doesn’t deal with much crime spillover from other parts of the city. Edison Park is home to many young professionals, making it excellent for families.

hash-markNorwood Park 

Another one of Chicago’s safest neighborhoods is Norwood Park. Located on Chicago’s Northwestern end, Norwood Park is famous for its green spaces and suburban feel. Residents can enjoy a 14-acre park and access to the Whealon Aquatic Center and Edgebrook Golf Course. Crime in this neighborhood is 72% lower than the city’s average and is considered ideal for people of retirement age. 

hash-markForest Glen 

Forest Glen is also one of the safest neighborhoods in Chicago. It's also one of the oldest neighborhoods on Chicago’s North side. Forest Glen is a small, laid-back community known for its safe streets and family-friendly atmosphere. Crime in the neighborhood was 70% lower than in the rest of the city, making Forest Glen one of the safest places to live in Chicago. Due to its family-friendly vibe, the area is home to many families and professionals, including many of the city’s government officials, police officers, and lawyers. 

hash-markLake View

Adjacent to the Cub’s Wrigley Field, Lake View is one of the most desirable places to live in Chicago. It's also one of the safest places to live in Chicago. The crime rate is 40% lower than in the rest of the city, and residents generally feel well protected by a police presence. This neighborhood is known for having famous cultural events, excellent public transit, and an overlooking view of Lake Michigan. 

hash-markMount Greenwood

Another one of the safest neighborhoods in Chicago is Mount Greenwood. Located in Southwest Chicago, Mount Greenwood ranks 66% safer than other communities in Chicago. The neighborhood is family-friendly, and residents feel safe walking the streets. The neighborhood is entirely surrounded by other suburbs and green spaces, insulating it from criminal activity. 


With a crime rate that is 65% lower than the city average, Westmont is another one of the safest places to live in Chicago. Westmont is located in Northwestern Chicago and has a population of around 24,429, giving it a smaller-town vibe. The excellent safety record and quieter pace of life in Westmont make it a great location for suburban and family living. 

hash-markRogers Park

Rogers Park is located on the far North side of Chicago, directly on the shores of Lake Michigan. Rogers Park is a culturally diverse neighborhood with green public spaces, unique architecture, and beaches along the great lakes. Rogers Park is also known for being very LGBT-friendly, with the Hart Library having extensive literature and events for the community. Rogers Park has relatively low crime, with the neighborhood being around 23% safer than the city average. 

hash-markWest Lawn

Located in Southwestern Chicago, West Lawn is considered a safe neighborhood for many of Chicago’s working-class residents. West Lawn has a population of around 33,662 and is home to a diverse population of residents, often being seen as a melting pot. Crime in West Lawn is about 22% lower than the city’s average, making it a relatively safe and affordable place to live. 


Located right in the center of Chicago, Streeterville is seen as an accessible yet safe area. The neighborhood is surrounded by some of Chicago’s best attractions, such as Michigan Avenue and the historic Navy Pier. In addition, Streeterville is directly adjacent to the Miracle Mile, which features some of the city’s most iconic skyscrapers. 

In terms of crime, this part of the city is considered very safe for being downtown. Streeterville is also near several universities, and crime isn’t an issue.

hash-markNorth Center

North Center Chicago is also considered to be one of the safest places to live close to downtown. Within this neighborhood is Roscoe Village, a district that at one point contained one of the largest amusement parks in the world. With a population of 36,149, North Center is considered to be a diverse, educated part of the city. As a result, North Center residents don’t feel that crime is an issue, and the area has fewer reported crimes than many other neighborhoods in the city.


O’Hare is a community located on the far North side of Chicago, with small portions located outside the city. Aside from having an international airport, there are several corporate headquarters in the area. In 2022, there were 1,875 reported crimes in the area. However, when comparing that to other Chicago neighborhoods, O’Hare is very safe.


Located on Chicago’s South Side, Hegewisch is a working-class neighborhood with low crime levels compared to similar neighborhoods. With only 757 reported crimes in 2022, which still comes in as much safer than other working-class neighborhoods. A large number of police officers and firefighters live in the neighborhood. 

hash-markLincoln Park 

Located South of Lake View, Lincoln Park is another one of the safest neighborhoods in Chicago. Lincoln Park is an affluent neighborhood with many of the city’s cultural and tourist attractions. Crime in this neighborhood is around 25% lower than in the rest of the city. Lincoln Park is a great Chicago neighborhood if safety is a concern and you want to be close to the city center. 

hash-markPrinter’s Row

Printer’s Row is a very safe neighborhood in South Chicago with a population of about 4,000. Printers Row is considered a middle-class, rustic neighborhood within walking distance of many attractions. Despite trending toward the working class, residents feel incredibly safe when walking down the street. Violent crime isn’t a huge concern, while property crime does occur. 

hash-markChicago Loop

Chicago Loop is the main downtown and economic hub of the city. The Loop has a population of about 40,000 and can be described as a well-educated, wealthy part of the city. The Loop encompasses the iconic skyline of Chicago and is home to many of the city’s attractions. The Loop is considered to be quite safe. However, there is some violent and property crime present in the neighborhood. In particular, burglar, theft, and robbery were more commonplace.

hash-markSafest Places to Live in Chicago Bottom Line 

While many of the safest neighborhoods in Chicago are more suburban and located farther from the city center, you can find safe neighborhoods throughout Chicago. Of course, safety can come at a cost, and many of these neighborhoods are pretty pricey, but some do offer a combination of affordability and safety. Before renting or buying, always get a feel for the neighborhood and look online at what residents say about the area.