Pet Rental Fee Guide

Sep 8th 2023
Everyone loves pets. They’re our best friends, and most people will do whatever it takes to keep their pets with them, even if they move cross-country. If you’re looking for an apartment, you might run into a new term - pet rent. Many landlords and property management companies have adopted pet rental fees. Here is what you need to know about pet rent in 2023.

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What Is Pet Rent?
How Is Pet Rent Different Than Pet Deposits?
What Is the Average Pet Rent?
Pet Rent Fees Advantages
Pet Rent Fees Disadvantages
Pet Rent Fees Alternatives
Pet Rent Fees Bottom Line

hash-markWhat Is Pet Rent? 

Pet rent is an additional fee charged to pet owners on top of traditional rent. The idea behind this fee is that pets can cause additional wear and tear to an apartment, so landlords will charge a small pet rent fee to mitigate those damages. Previously, owners would pay a deposit to cover pet damages. Pet rent is a newer and more consistent version of that money.

In our day and age, many pet owners are expected to pay a monthly fee for their animals. This price usually isn’t too high, under $50. Still, it’s an additional cost that many apartment complexes are charging their tenants more and more often. It might seem like it’s an unnecessary charge, but several good things come with pet rent. 

hash-markHow Is Pet Rent Different Than Pet Deposits? 

Pet deposits are the more common term that comes with keeping a pet in an apartment. When an individual signs a lease with a pet, they pay a deposit to cover damages from the pet. This fee is a one-time thing. After this money is paid, the owner is not expected to pay any more to the apartment owner for their animal.

Pet rent occurs every month, and it doesn’t stop. It is often included in the lease charge. The landlord is legally permitted to require this amount from a pet owner in a private business.

hash-markWhat Is the Average Pet Rent? 

The average pet fees for rentals are between $25 to $100. Upscale apartments will charge something closer to $100, while cheaper living spaces will be on the lower end. Most places charge no more than $50 a month to keep an animal inside the apartment. 

hash-markPet Rent Fees Advantages

There is a chance you could get a better deal by paying pet rent. Rather than charging a massive fee upfront for your animal with no refund, you might only have to pay $15 a month or so for your animal. For a 12-month lease, that’s a steal.

Some other advantages include:

  • More rental options
  • Security for the landlord

There’s plenty of good that comes with pet rent fees.

Although many owners are good, some pets rip apart locations and cost thousands in damage repair for landlords. Pet rent provides security for both parties and makes everything simpler at the end of the day.

hash-markPet Rent Fees Disadvantages

Just as there are advantages, there are also disadvantages of pet rent. If you have a lease longer than twelve months, the pet rent fees will add up. You will pay a lot more than anticipated if you stay long enough.

Some other disadvantages include:

  • Paying for damages that might not happen
  • Dealing with yet another cost per month

Pet rent is another expense to add on top of everything else in your life.

Unfortunately, it might be easiest to pay pet rent if you’re desperate for a place to live. If not, there are alternatives to consider. Let’s talk about them. 

hash-markPet Rent Fees Alternatives

You can always attempt old-fashioned negotiation with the landlord. If you intend to stay longer than a year and can prove your pet is good, you might be able to lower the pet rent fees. Or you can attempt to pay a larger deposit right away.

Another option is walking away from pet rent and looking for a way to live in another apartment. It’s getting easier to rent with pets, but there are more options now than ever. Pet rent is just one way to live with your furry friend.

hash-markPet Rental Fees Bottom Line

It can seem like pet rental fees are another scheme for landlords and management companies to make more money off renters. However, there are many reasons why pent rent makes sense for both landlords and tenants. While the fee may seem annoying, by paying a small monthly pet rental fee, tenants will have more apartment options, which is a good thing.