Celebrities That Live In Arizona

By PropertyClub Team
Jan 20th 2023
Many celebrities enjoy living somewhere a little more intimate than big cities like New York and LA. And that’s part of why Arizona has been getting so many new celebrities flocking to its cities. 

Most people are shocked to find out that Arizona has become a favorite celebrity hotspot. Maybe it’s the nightlife, the good food, or the great people. It’s hard to tell, but what we can tell you is that it has become a major state for celebrities. 

Here are ten of the most famous people who live in Arizona. 

hash-markFamous Celebrities Who Live In Arizona

  1. Bret Michaels
  2. Michael Phelps
  3. Larry Fitzgerald
  4. Danica Patrick
  5. Sam Fox
  6. Alice Cooper
  7. Stevie Nicks
  8. George Takei
  9. Maynard James Keenan
  10. Stephanie Meyer

hash-markBret Michaels

One of the most famous celebrities that lives in Arizona is Bret Michaels. Most people remember Bret Michaels as the 80s hair metal icon who was behind the band Poison. Or, maybe you remember his 2000s reality show called Rock of Love, where he tried to find a spouse. Regardless of how you remember him, he is very famous.

According to sources, Michaels fell in love with Arizona as soon as he played in it. He sold his Scottsdale mansion in 2021. Today, he lives in Calabasas, California—though he regularly visits Arizona for personal reasons. 

hash-markMichael Phelps

Another one of the most famous people who live in Arizona is Michael Phelps. The swimmer made a major name for himself after participating in multiple Olympic competitions, walking away with a fistful of medals. The athlete superstar has been a fan of the American Southwest for quite some time. 

While working on training for the Olympics, he chose to settle down in a beautiful home in Paradise Valley. Since his wins, he decided to stay in the area permanently. He loves Arizona’s sunny weather and friendly locals that much. 

hash-markLarry Fitzgerald

To a point, it makes sense that one of the Arizona Cardinals’ top scorers would choose to stay in Arizona. (I mean, isn’t that kind of what needs to happen in order to train in the sport?) Even so, Larry Fitzgerald has been a resident for years. 

Like other professional athletes, Fitzgerald decided to buy a massive mansion in the Paradise Valley part of the state. We hear it’s very nice. 

hash-markDanica Patrick

Danica Patrick is one of Arizona’s most famous residents. As one of the hottest women to be part of NASCAR, Danica Patrick has a uniquely awesome claim to fame. She brought girl power to the race track and became one of the most widely-recognized racecar drivers in history. 

She chose to live in a beautiful $1.9-million dollar mansion in the heart of North Scottsdale. It has a gym, a wine cellar, and eight bathrooms. Is it a party house? We don’t know, but that’s a ton of bathrooms!

hash-markSam Fox

Most people might not recognize Sam Fox by name, but we’re willing to bet that foodies recognize him as the man behind Fox Restaurants. He’s the maverick who helped bring over 15 different high-end restaurants to life, including The Culinary Dropout. 

Sam Fox started his culinary empire in Arizona, and he seems to be thrilled about staying here. He currently resides in Phoenix. More specifically, he lives in the Arcadia portion of the city—close to where Steven Spielberg used to live.

hash-markAlice Cooper

At one point, Alice Cooper was considered to be one of the scariest, most hardcore metal singers to ever hit the airwaves. (Well, okay, maybe he still is. He’s an amazing artist.) All things considered, it’s hard to imagine Cooper liking a place as sun-heavy as Arizona. Yet, here we are. 

When he’s not performing or making an appearance in a movie, Alice Cooper is a full-time resident of the Paradise Valley section of Phoenix. He’s been a longtime resident for years and owns a rather large mansion with its own music studio. 

Alice Cooper is also an active part of his Phoenix, Arizona community.  He’s behind Alice Cooper’s Rock Teen Center, a nonprofit that helps local teens have a place where they can learn music and play.  

hash-markStevie Nicks

To a point, this doesn’t shock anyone. Stevie Nicks, the songstress of Fleetwood Mac, has been a major fan of Arizona living for decades. Her music often has a deeply desert-y feel to it, which may lend itself to why she loves being here. 

There’s a certain level of freedom that one feels in Arizona. Her creative spirit clearly resonated with it, which is why she’s one of the many rock stars to call this region home. Like others, she prefers to call this place home. 

hash-markGeorge Takei

George Takei and his husband own multiple homes throughout the United States. You might remember Takei being particularly vocal after legislators in the state tried to pass anti-gay legislation. This wasn’t because he’s a Hollywood LGBTQIA activist. 

It’s because it would have directly affected him. He and his husband own a house where they spend several weeks per year. The Star Trek legend remains fairly popular in his area near Show Low. 

hash-markMaynard James Keenan

The lead singer of Tool has been an eccentric but notable resident of Arizona for quite some time. Keenan is notoriously private, and while he still occasionally does music stuff, he mostly just stays in his home in Jerome. 

It’s also worth noting that Keenan also has several vineyards here, where he makes two different labels of wine. Once in a while, he throws celebrations and tastings at his vineyards. It’s a major hotspot for metalheads, obvi. 

hash-markStephanie Meyer

Twilight’s writer has been an Arizona resident on and off since she was a child. For a short period of time, she lived in Scottsdale while she went to school. After moving around for a bit, she became a famous writer with multiple movie deals under her belt. 

The money allowed her to move back to Arizona, where she settled with her husband in Cave Creek. Not much is known about her home, but we do know that she’s been busy raising three kids and building a vampire empire. It’s not an easy task!