Best NYC Real Estate Photographers

By PropertyClub Team
Feb 11th 2022
Great real estate photography helps sell homes, and in a market like NYC, where you want your apartment to stand out against others in the same building, hiring a great photographer is essential. That's why we've compiled a list of the best NYC real estate photographers, all of whom will take stunning shots of your home's interiors, making sure the buyers come knocking. 

Great photography has always been the most important part of real estate listing marketing, but that's the case even more in a world concerned with social distancing and virtual tours. A great real estate photographer will capture your home in the best light, making it look as appealing as possible. And that can mean selling faster and for more money. NYC real estate agents should never skimp on photography or try to go the DIY route. It's simply not worth it when you can hire one of the best real estate photographers in NYC for a reasonable price. So without further ado, here's our list of the 5 best real estate photographers in NYC. 

hash-markVisual Grip

Visual Grip is a real estate photography company that serves all of NYC along with Northern and Central NJ. Focusing exclusively on real estate photography, Visual Grip photographers are truly masters of their craft, having photographed thousands of properties in the NYC area. Visual Grip will make your home look irresistible, grabbing the attention and imagination of prospective buyers. 

As they have multiple talented real estate photographers, Visual Grip can shoot, retouch, and deliver stunning photographs incredibly quickly. Visual Grip also offers a host of additional services, including virtual tours, drone photography, virtual staging, floor plans, and videography. 

Contact info for Visual Grip

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 973-741-7341

hash-markRichard Caplan

Richard Caplan is one of the best NYC real estate photographers you can hire if you're marketing a luxury residential property. While he also has experience with commercial real estate photography and interior photography for new developments, he is best known for his alluring photographs of NYC's most expensive luxury properties. 

Rich's interior images are composed in a way that helps bring the spaces to life, telling the stories of the property's architects and designers and piquing the imagination of buyers. 

Contact info for Richard Caplan

Phone: 917-855-8968

Email: [email protected]

hash-markLeon Cato

Leon Cato has been photographing NYC real estate since 2012, after first getting into real estate photography in London. He has photographed over a thousand NYC properties for residential and commercial real estate professionals, development companies, commercial businesses, interior designers, and construction firms, helping their marketing and sales efforts. 

Leon works closely with his clients, especially real estate agents, to help them prepare a space before a shoot and ensure it looks its best. He believes that every space has its own unique personality, and he combines his technical skill and expertise to capture it in its best light. 

Contact info for Leon Cato

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 914-417-9492

hash-markTravis Mark

Travis Mark is a real estate and interior design photographer with an extensive amount of experience shooting properties in NYC. In his over 14years in the business, he's photographed everything from new residential developments to multi-million dollar penthouses to commercial real estate. 

When shooting a home, Travis's goal is to help bring the space to life and tell its story to buyers. Whether it's a 3,000 square foot duplex or a micro-studio, Travis's photos will ensure your home is shown in its best light. 

Contact info for Travis Mark

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 718-938-2144

hash-markEvan Joseph

Evan Joseph is a well-known NYC real estate photographer that has photographed many luxury properties in the city and worldwide. Evan specializes in interior photography and has many residential and commercial real estate clients. He has photographed thousands of properties, including some of the most famous addresses in NYC. They include One57, One World Observatory, 432 Park Ave, 150 Charles, 252 East 57th Street, and The Kips Bay Decorator Show Home, among many others. Even has also photographed the homes of many celebrities, including Donald Trump, Rupert Murdoch, Sting, Alex Rodriguez, and Jon Bon Jovi, just to name a few. 

Contact info for Evan Joseph

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 646-515-0316


How much do NYC Realtors pay photographers?

NYC real estate photographers typically charge realtors anywhere from just over a hundred dollars up to around five hundred dollars for photos. The pricing varies, depending on the photographer, and is also influenced by the number of images you want. 

Who pays for real estate listing photos?

If a seller has hired a real estate agent to market their home, the agent will pay for listing photos. If, however, a seller tries to sell a home by owner, they'll need to pay for photos themselves. 

How much do NYC real estate photographers charge per hour?

Most NYC real estate photographers either charge a flat fee or charge per photo, not per hour. The few that charge per hour will usually charge somewhere between $75 and $200 per hour. 

Does a Realtor pay for staging?

If your realtor agrees to stage your home, it's typical for them to cover the costs. That being said, some homes will look very appealing as-is, so a realtor might not always think staging is necessary. In cases like these, a homebuyer who wants to have the home staged regardless should negotiate the details with their realtor prior to signing the listing agreement.  

Do NYC Realtors use professional photographers?

Almost all NYC real estate agents will use professional photographers. It's simply not worth skimping on professional photography, as it's the most important part of your marketing. If a real estate agent in NYC doesn't plan on getting professional photographs taken, you shouldn't be hiring them to sell your home.