Best Neighborhoods in Tampa

By PropertyClub Team
Feb 3rd 2023
Tampa is one of the most popular locations in Florida, filled with exciting things to do and gorgeous places to live. If you’re looking to move to Tampa, you might wonder what some of the best neighborhoods are in the area.

If you want to learn more about some ideal areas in Tampa, you’ve come to the right place! Read on to discover the best neighborhoods in Tampa.

hash-mark13 Best Neighborhoods in Tampa Bay

  1. Hyde Park
  2. Davis Islands
  3. Downtown Tampa
  4. Harbour Island
  5. South Howard
  6. Ballast Point
  7. Ybor City 
  8. Tampa Palms
  9. Tampa Heights
  10. Old Seminole Heights
  11. Palma Ceia
  12. Channel District
  13. Port Tampa

hash-mark1. Hyde Park

Hyde Park is the best neighborhood in Tampa thanks to its many charming historical homes, verdant streets, and wonderful location in the heart of the city. It’s a great place to live for college students, professionals, and young families. You can find all types of real estate in Hyde Park, from luxurious high-rises to large mansions, but prices are high as the area is in high demand. 

There’s a solid sense of community in this area and plenty of things to do. It has shopping, fine dining, and nightlife for those who like to have fun on their time off. You’ll never be bored if you decide to move to this neighborhood.

hash-mark2. Davis Islands

Another one of the best places to live in Tampa Bay is Davis Islands. This unique area sits on man-made islands that were first known as a retreat for the wealthy, much like the Hamptons in New York. It’s a location with plenty of beach access and enough amenities to satisfy anyone who wants to make this area of Tampa home.

The area’s culture is laid-back, and you’ll be neighbors with superstars like Tom Brady. On Davis Islands, you’ll have quick access to the city while also being able to kick back and relax without a care in the world.

hash-mark3. Downtown Tampa

Downtown Tampa wasn’t always the bustling metropolis it is today. Once a ghost town in the evening, this neighborhood has seen improvement over the years. Its revitalization efforts have created an entertainment scene like no other.

You can have fun on the water paddle boarding or taking the Pirate Water Taxi. You can walk in Curtis Hixon Park or visit a museum. There are also plenty of places to eat and drink in this area. It’s perfect for families and thrill-seekers alike.

hash-mark4. Harbour Island

Harbour Island is another one of the best neighborhoods in Tampa. This island mostly has private residential spaces. It’s connected to downtown by a trolley. There’s so much to love about the access Harbour Island provides.

Even though it’s an island, this neighborhood has plenty of restaurants and bars for residents and visitors to enjoy. It’s a getaway place to live without ever being too far from work and play on the mainland. 

hash-mark5. South Howard (SoHo Tampa)

South Howard is the best Tampa neighborhood for young professionals, as there’s always something exciting happening. You’ll find tons of bars and places to eat in this area, ideal for the middle of the day or night. It’s a space for those in their mid-twenties rather than the traditional college-age gathering.

SoHo is a sophisticated place anyone can enjoy. If you’re a person that loves to hang with the cool crowd, South Howard is the place to be. You’ll find everything you need to have the night of your life right here.

hash-mark6. Ballast Point

Ballast Point is one of the best places to live in Tampa. This adorable neighborhood has lots to offer for new residents. It’s filled with houses and a few condos, so you can get the suburban feel without feeling overwhelmed by the city. Also, you have fast access to the water here.

This neighborhood is good for those seeking mid-range price points. There are amazing views to be had if you live here.

hash-mark7. Ybor City

Ybor City is right in Tampa’s historic district and is also a popular place to live. It was abandoned in the 80s, becoming a central hub for artists to take shape and start life anew. Now, it’s become a party atmosphere where young people occupy renovated apartments and have fun in the evening.

This neighborhood is an excellent place to live, but it’s critical to remember that the art galleries and bars are contrasted by crime in the area east of the entertainment district. Be cautious if you venture out at night.

hash-mark8. Tampa Palms

Tampa Palms has only come onto the scene in recent years, branching off from the neighborhood of New Tampa. It has plenty of homes for families and singles alike to occupy. This area is one of the more peaceful locations in Tampa, ideal for those who want a space to chill out.

In this area, you can relax on the golf course or enjoy delicious eateries. It’s an ideal spot for families and college students alike to call home. It’s a simple commute to every other part of Tampa from here.

hash-mark9. Tampa Heights

Tampa Heights is the ideal spot for someone who wants to feel the excitement of life in Tampa but doesn’t want to be too close to the party scene. You can enjoy many places to eat, drink, and be merry without feeling too threatened by the extravagance of bar hoppers or college party-goers.

This area will continue to grow over the years. There’s plenty of redevelopment in process, which means an investment now could pay off well in the future. It’s peaceful, with plenty of offerings for the whole family. 

hash-mark10. Old Seminole Heights 

Old Seminole Heights is a popular Tampa neighborhood that has changed a lot over the years, shifting into an area with tons of art galleries, restaurants, and bars to have an excellent time inside. The dining scene has become especially popular with new places such as Rooster & the Till.

The area is a mix of families and professionals, all living in renovated apartments and homes. If you want to live in the area, it’s best to snag a spot now before the value rockets any higher than it already has.

hash-mark11. Palma Ceia

Palma Ceia is right in the center of Tampa, and it’s a hub for young people to get out of their comfort zones and have a grand time. Unfortunately, it’s one of the most expensive places to live in Tampa, which can prevent new workers from living there.

You’ll find lots to do in this area, from delicious food to exciting bars. It’s a grand place to visit if you want to have a good time on your day off.

hash-mark12. Channel District

Channel District is another area that has seen a big improvement over the years. It used to be dangerous and gritty but has now become a central hub for entertainment and art. It has tons of delicious restaurants and cocktail lounges right on the water.

Here, you’re close to the stadium of the Tampa Bay Lightning, a venue that also boasts tons of concerts. You can live in luxury apartments or take it easy in a loft-style home if you prefer something simpler.

hash-mark13. Port Tampa

Port Tampa is a neighborhood amid lots of redevelopment processes. The value of homes in this area has risen over the years, but it’s still affordable for most people to have access to in a move.

This neighborhood is home to an eclectic gathering of living spaces, both in style and look. You’ll find Picnic Island Park here, an excellent place for walks. An air force base is close. You’ll experience lots of loud noises from planes.