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About Lower East Side

The Lower East Side has long been a landing spot for newcomers to New York City- from the immigrants who settled here in the past to the many students and millennials who rent their first NYC apartment in the LES. Nowadays the neighborhood is more attractive than ever thanks to its excellent nightlife and an influx of development, with the sleek, new rental towers attracting folks looking for a Lower East Side luxury apartment. That’s not to say the neighborhood is totally transformed as there's still plenty of grit and character in the air. Thanks to the abundant supply of older housing stock, the LES is still amongst the best neighborhoods to find a cheap Manhattan apartment. Just look for homes in walk-up buildings or for a Lower East Side studio for rent if you’re on a budget. The area is one of the last where you can find a variety of apartments near prime dining and entertainment for as little as $2,000. One thing you should be prepared for is to pay a broker fee, especially on the best rental deals. No-fee apartments are harder to come by unless you’re looking for a luxurious unit in a full-service building.
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