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Jackson Heights in Queens has been experiencing a revival in the past decades, attracting a plethora of new renters, many of whom are moving out of Manhattan in their search for affordable housing. The area is also popular with immigrants, with over half of residents being foreign-born. That means if you end up renting an apartment in Jackson Heights, you can expect an incredible amount of diversity, and all that comes with it, including an incredible food scene. 
Initially, Jackson Heights was a planned community for middle and upper-middle-class New Yorkers, having a suburban feel. The area suffered a decline in the middle of the 20th century but has been thriving in the 2000s thanks to the pleasant vibe and many cheap apartments for rent in Jackson Heights.
The neighborhood has lots of impressive architecture with many older properties in the Tudor, Neo-Tudor, and Colonial Revival styles. Many families rent in the area as the attractive monthly rents combined with the family friendly-vibe and central location in the heart of Queens, make the area ideal. 
Much of the rental stock is in older buildings, which has helped keep rents affordable. That being said, there has been a lot of renovation of rental housing in the neighborhood, and a few luxury buildings have even gone up in recent years. If you’re looking to rent a luxury apartment in a high-rise with full-service amenities, Roosevelt Parc is amongst the most beautiful rental properties in Jackson Heights. It’s also conveniently located near the subway, making it easy to get around. Tenants who live at Roosevelt Parc can get into Manhattan in less than 30 minutes. 

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