Tiny House Furniture and Appliances Ideas

By PropertyClub Team
Sep 16th 2022
Finding the right furniture for your tiny home can be tricky. Here are some ideas for tiny house furniture and tips on the essential appliances you’ll want to buy. 

Shopping for tiny house furniture is not like other shopping trips. You need to employ some strategy since you’re working with a limited amount of space, so you need to consider exactly what appliances your tiny house will need. 

hash-markMultipurpose Furniture For Tiny Houses

The number one thing you will need to look for while furniture shopping is multipurpose functionality. For example, a must-have for any tiny home is a bed that folds into a sofa. This increases your home’s entertaining abilities while keeping your square footage low.

Not sure what other furniture to get? Here are some other classic double-duty items:

  • A Loft Bed With Storage. Beds that are used in tiny houses need storage. It’s the only way to maximize your space. If you want to get even more brownie points here, use the bottom of the loft as a place for your desk.
  • Desks With Storage. This is yet another must-have. Every cubic foot counts, and a desk that has storage will help. 
  • Expanding Tables. Need extra space for your cooking endeavors? An expanding or folding table will give you the surface you need without taking up space when you need more space.

Folding Furniture For Tiny Houses

Sometimes, the best way to outfit your home is to have furniture that works with your space by folding. Let’s face it, we don’t always need an ironing board, and we don’t always need that extra countertop. 

If your tiny home has niches and nooks built-in for storing long, thin-ish items, then you should invest in folding furniture. That way, you already have a place to tuck the furniture in when it’s not being used. 

Pull-Out Furniture

If your tiny home has stairs, then you can use the space under the stairs to add pull-out, retractable furniture items. Dining room tables, benches, storage cabinets, and even countertops can be made this way. 

Retractable furniture gives your stairs a way to do double-duty while you enjoy all the extra tools and furniture you need. We suggest looking into it for a dining room table or a desk. Once you’re done eating and studying, just push it back into place. 

hash-markTiny House Appliances

The hardest part of your tiny home design is going to deal with appliances. You are going to need to pare down on things like blenders and food processors. But what will you need to get?


If you intend to live in your tiny home long-term, a refrigerator is a must. They have space-saving fridges that are a little on the thin side. If you want, you can also consider getting a bar fridge. 


Believe it or not, there are small ovens available. You will usually need to figure out how you’ll power it. With mobile tiny homes, gas is usually the best route. If you have a foundation-built home, you’ll be able to find out through the hookups you installed. 


A toilet will be one of the most challenging things to buy because there’s a good chance that you might not have a foundation that allows for standard plumbing. If you do, great—choose a small but awesome toilet. 

If you have a rock-solid foundation or a trailer, there may be a need to look for a macerating toilet. This type of toilet breaks down waste using a motor, then transports it into a tank or a sewer. 


If you’re going for an ultra-small home, you may want to stick to a microwave and a hot plate. Even if you aren’t going for a super-small tiny home, it still makes sense to get a microwave. It’s just too useful not to have. 


Ah yes, the TV. Televisions can be a little bit tricky to deal with if you try to construct a tiny home that travels. You will need to find a space for it and figure out how you will get a signal. A wireless hotspot can help, but it’s still good to hunt for options before you get set on it. 

If you have a home with a stable foundation, you shouldn’t have much problem with the wiring, so this may be a moot point. 

hash-markTiny House Beds: Which Is Right For You?

Your bed is going to make a huge impact on your tiny house since it will be one of the largest furniture pieces you own. Many tiny homes will have a bedroom setup built into the house, and honestly, that’s a good idea if you want to have your bed in a loft area. 

However, not all beds will be built-in. You might need to buy your own. These categories tend to be the most promising for tiny house owners.


Futons, also known as sofa beds or folding beds, are one of the best things you can invest in if you want to own a tiny home. Every futon can act as a tiny house sofa bed with minimal problems. When you’re entertaining, simply fold the bed up to give people more space. 


A cousin of the futon, daybeds work well with tiny homes because they are smaller than regular beds and also can act as a sofa. The only difference? They don’t fold, and they often have areas where you can store linens underneath. 

Loft Beds

Tiny house beds are all about saving space by giving you a lower portion underneath that’s ideal for a study area. You can either have them built in, or you could go the IKEA route and get a solid wood frame. (Personally, we think building it into your home is a better option because it gives you more control.)

Murphy Beds

These old-school beds are known for being space savers. You literally pull them down from the wall when you need to use them. When you don’t, you can push them back up into their wall casing. Fans of ultra-small homes might want to look into this.

However, it’s worth noting that Murphy beds need to be used appropriately. Improper installation or incorrect wall mounting can easily cause your place of slumber to become a major hazard. If you are worried about the potential of getting injured or don’t trust this bed style, don’t buy it. They’re not for everyone. 

hash-markTiny House Decor

Another significant aspect of tiny house furniture shopping is knowing what type of decor you have. As one would expect, your tiny home’s decoration is going to be done in primarily petite accents—maybe some pottery somewhere, perhaps a little plant elsewhere. Here’s what you should invest in.

Mood Lighting

Lighting is going to be another issue with your home, and that will include the way your home looks. Ask any photographer and they’ll tell you that lighting makes the place. Our suggestion? Stick to petite, softer lights. Too much brightness can make a tiny home look stark. 


Don’t ask why, but tiny homes and plants just seem to go together. Potted plants are excellent for keeping the air feeling fresh and can help boost your mood. If you want to make them do double-duty, the best thing you can do is to choose potted plants that happen to grow berries or fruits.

Elegant Storage

A regular filing cabinet is going to be rough on the eyes in such a tiny home. The same can be said of excessive cabinetry and closets. To make things easy without harming your aesthetic, it’s best to get woven baskets or similarly rustic items to hold your belongings.

When adding storage, remember that less is more. The more cabinets and storage you have in your home, the more cluttered and cramped it’ll feel. So when you invest in cabinetry, make sure that you get only what you need and nothing more.

hash-markTiny House Furniture and Appliances: Bottom Line

Tiny houses have their own unique needs and require a lot of savvy shopping to pull off well. It’s a strange balance between showing your own style while paring down to the bare basics. At times, the only way you can really pull it off will be to get creative with your solutions. 

When shopping, keep in mind your fixtures and how they will play into what you are doing. Knowing where your outlets are, the type of cooking hookup you’ll have, as well as other similar matters. By choosing the right furniture and taking the time to plan things out, you’ll be able to get more out of your home.