Is the Tesla Powerwall 2 Worth It?

By PropertyClub Team
Oct 25th 2020
You are probably wondering, is the Tesla Powerall worth buying? In this guide, we'll look at the Tesla Powerwall 2, which has a high capacity and can produce up to twice the power of the previous model. For many, it could completely change the way we look at battery power. 

Tesla has been producing several new battery systems to power homes. The Tesla Powerwall 2 is a solar-powered whole house battery storage system that works with solar panels to keep your home powered during outages. 

Here's what you need to know about the Tesla Powerwall 2 to help you decide if it's right for you. 

hash-markTesla Powerwall 2

Many consumers are interested in energy independence, and for them, the Tesla Powerwall 2 is a great advancement in solar cell technology. One of the benefits of solar energy is that there are virtually no fuel costs. While solar panels and backup batteries have a relatively high upfront cost, they cost almost nothing to run because sunlight is free. 

However, solar panels cannot give you power all the time. To get the most out of a solar panel system, you need a whole house battery storage system that charges during the day then kicks on during the night when the sun goes down. 

So, if you want a reliable way to avoid blackouts and power your entire home, the Tesla Powerwall is definitely worth checking out. 

hash-markTesla Powerwall 2 Specs

Here are the technical specs for the Tesla Powerwall 2:

AC Voltage - 120/240V

Frequency - 60 Hz

Total Energy - 14 kwH

Max output - 7kW

Continuous output - 5kW

Max fault current (supply) - 10 kA

Max output fault current (output) - 32 kA

Internal Battery DC Voltage - 50 V

Round Trip Efficiency - 90%

Warranty - 10 years

hash-markHow Does the Tesla Powerwall 2 Work?

Tesla Powerwall is a battery system that hooks up to your existing solar PV array. During the day, the panels gather energy to power your home. Excess energy is siphoned away to charge the Powerall batteries. Then, when the sun goes down, you can switch your energy source to Tesla Powerwall, and it can power your whole house. 

Tesla’s new Powerwall 2 has almost double its previous model's capacity and can store a massive 13.5 kWh of energy. It has a 7kW max output and 5kW continuous output. That is enough to power the entirety of a medium-sized home. 

Moreover, up to 10 batteries can be chained together for homes that have greater energy needs. Tesla Powerwall batteries have a 90% round trip efficiency, making them some of the most if not the most efficient solar batteries currently on the market. 

hash-markBenefits of Tesla Powerwall

Installing Tesla Powerwall has several benefits. Here are just a few of them. 

1. Energy independence

Tesla Powerwall batteries combined with an existing solar panel array can let you power your home without having to rely on your city’s electrical grid. Instead of having to put your faith in a potentially old and failing electrical grid, you can generate and store your own electricity. 

You cannot store solar energy without a backup battery system so why not go all out and get one of the best battery pack systems on the market?

2.Lower energy bills

One of the best features of investing in solar power and a backup battery system is that you can essentially eliminate your energy bills. Solar arrays have a relatively high upfront cost as they require to be connected to your home’s existing electrical systems. But once they are installed, they pay for themselves in a few years by saving on energy costs. 

Additionally, depending on the state you live in, installing Tesla Powerwall may make you eligible for a 26% solar tax credit, which can save you even more money in the long run. 

3. Energy monitoring

Tesla Powerwall also comes with tools for monitoring your energy production and consumption. Using the Tesla app, you can stay up to date on your homes energy requirements and monitor your systems in real-time

4. Environmental friendly 

Traditional energy sources, such as coal and natural gas, have bad environmental effects. Solar panels are much more environmentally friendly and can significantly reduce your carbon footprint. More people than ever are interested in behaving in an environmentally responsible way, and Tesla Powerwall is a way you can cut down your fossil fuel usage and generate enough power for all your needs. 

hash-markHow to Install Tesla Powerwall

Tesla Powerwall systems can only be installed by Tesla-certified professionals. Powerwall is installed directly into your existing solar arrays and can be set up with a wall or floor mount. The Powerwall is extraordinarily compact, which makes it an advancement over existing solar energy tech. 

Tesla Powerwall costs can vary depending on your home’s existing systems and installation requirements. Your best option is to get a quote from a professional to see the breakdown of costs. 

Further, there are two ways you can install Powerwall. You can install it as a whole home backup model to supply your entire house during electrical outages. This option requires removing your home from your local energy grid. 

Alternatively, you can set it up as a partial backup system for essential systems such as appliances and equipment. In this case, the Powerwall will be connected directly to these system’s circuits. 


In our opinion, the Tesla Powerwall is highly worth looking into. It can give you security and peace of mind by letting you be energy independent. It has a high upfront cost, but pays for itself over time due to the lack of field costs.