How To Move in Under Two Weeks

By PropertyClub Team
May 7th 2021
Moving on a time crunch and not sure where to start? We get it, and it probably feels really overwhelming. Moving is a lengthy and stressful process, so if you have less than two weeks to pack up and get out, then you're probably feeling overwhelmed.

The good news is, moving in under two weeks is entirely possible. With a little planning and preparation, you can make it work. Here, we will go over some top tips for how to move in less than two weeks.

hash-markGet Organized

Start by planning out each step of the moving process. When trying to move in a limited amount of time, organization and planning are key. If you are using a moving service, arrange them as early a possible. Movers can get booked up well in advance, so two weeks isn't a lot of time. This is especially true if you're making a long-distance move or moving out of state. After you figure out how you'll move, you should make a detailed to-do list of what needs to be done and in what order. Getting organized will also help to prevent you from feeling too lost and more overwhelmed.

hash-markAsk for Help

Reach out to friends and family and let them know you need some assistance. The more helping hands you can get hold of, the smoother and faster the process will be. Organize as much help throughout the two weeks as you possibly can. If you have a large house and a lot of packing to do, you're going to need all the help you can get to finish it in time.

hash-markBuy Packing Materials

Purchase any packing materials that you need to make your move. This will include boxes, tape, bubble wrap, blankets, and furniture pads, and LOTS of trash bags. The sooner you purchase packing materials, the sooner you can actually get to packing. 

hash-markGet to Packing

Packing little and often is a much better option than trying to cram all of your packing into the days right before you have to leave. Start by packing away the things that you don't need on a daily basis. Really, you can get away with living fairly minimally for the week up until it's time to leave. By the same token, identify anything that's essential that you will need right up until the last minute and set it aside. When you do eventually pack these items, it's a good idea to clearly label the boxes of essentials so you can quickly find them once you're in your new home. What you pack last will also be what you need to unpack first. The more you can pack earlier on, the better. And the less clutter and things there are to do as you approach your moving date, the better you'll feel. 

Furthermore, try to plan a weekend where you can do nothing but pack for two days straight. This will give you enough time to get a huge chunk of packing done when you aren't busy trying to juggle other things at the same time. 

hash-markCall Your Utility Companies

Before you leave, it's best to call your utility companies to transfer any utilities you can to your new home and cancel any that don't transfer. Let them know the date of your move so you aren't left without water or internet either in your old house or your new one. 

hash-markFinalize Everything

The last stage, which should be kept for the last couple of days before you actually move, is to finalize everything. Leave yourself a couple of days to deep clean and sort out any last-minute things that might have gone forgotten. Now will also be a good time to make some trips to your new home, if possible. Moving everything at once will be stressful, so if it's possible to start moving a few carloads at a time, do so. 

Now is also the time to double-check your utilities have been set up at the new house and to ensure that your essential items are packed up right before you go. You'll also want to make sure that you and everyone in your family have overnight bags packed for when you arrive at your new house. Think ahead about things like food, necessities, and how to occupy kids when you get there, so that you can focus on getting things set up. It's a good idea to have some toys or games set aside that are easy to access if you have children. Bored kids during the unpacking process won't be fun!

Moving is overwhelming, moving in less than two weeks, even more so! But fortunately, it's entirely doable. Set yourself up for success by organizing everything and preparing ahead of time as much as possible. In a situation where you're trying to move in a limited amount of time, hiring a moving company to help can be hugely beneficial. If you are unable to hire help, you can do it by yourself, but be prepared to put in a little more leg work!