How to Get Floor Plans of My House

By PropertyClub Team
Sep 12th 2023
Whether you’re planning a remodel or hiring a new interior decorator, a floor plan of your home can come in handy in many different scenarios. Here are a few options for finding the blueprints or floor plans of your home if you can’t find them or were never given a copy.  

hash-markHow to Get Blueprints of Your House

  1. Contact the Architect
  2. Check with the Local Municipal Office or Permit Agency
  3. Call Your Local Real Estate Agent
  4. Hire an Architect or Structural Engineer
  5. Talk to Your Neighbors
  6. Find the Original Owner
  7. Try Searching Online

hash-mark1. Contact the Architect

A good place to get floor plans for your house is to contact the original architect, home builder, or developer. Experienced firms will usually keep their blueprints on file for their records and will gladly provide you with a copy upon request. So, if you designed the home yourself or have an existing relationship with the developer or architect, this is a good place to start.

hash-mark2. Check with the Local Municipal Office or Permit Agency

Your local municipal officer or permit agency should also have a copy of your floor plans on file. Builders must submit floorplans to one of these agencies at the time of construction to obtain building permits. So, they will have a copy on file, which you can easily request.

hash-mark3. Call Your Real Estate Agent

The real estate agent who sold you the home can be a great source of information on locating the right party to contact about obtaining floor plans. They probably won’t have a copy to give you, but real estate agents can often tell you who the developer was or how to get in touch with the right municipal office if you don’t know where to start.

hash-mark4. Hire an Architect or Structural Engineer

If you have the money and can’t track down the plans from the developer or local agency, you can hire an architect or structural engineer to recreate them for you. This may be the best option if the home is very old and the records are outdated or unclear, but you need exact measurements. For a fee, a professional will survey the home and provide you with new floorplans.

hash-mark5. Talk to Your Neighbors

When in doubt, having a friendly conversation with your neighbors can also be a great way to find out how to contact the developer or local municipal agency. If you live in a development where many of the homes have a similar floorplan, they may even have a copy you can look at or point you in the direction of where to locate your own.

hash-mark6. Find the Original Owner

Another solid option is to reach out to the original owner. It’s possible that they still have a copy of the floorplans, or they requested them when they lived in the home and know who to ask. This is a good option if you know them personally or still keep in contact.

hash-mark7. Try Searching Online 

It may be a long shot, but you can also try searching online. Some counties have online databases you can use to view or request records. Plus, if you live in a newer development with many similar homes in your neighborhood, the builder may have the available floorplans on their website. If you just need a quick sketch, there are also websites and free software you can use to create a 3-D rendering of the home that can be useful for a quick visualization.

hash-markGetting Blueprints of Your House Bottom Line

There’s almost always a record of floor plans and blueprints for homes unless they've been built over a century ago. It may take some time and a few phone calls, but getting the blueprints of your house shouldn’t be too difficult. And if you cannot find them, you can hire an architect or engineer to draw new floor plans for you. 

hash-markHow to Get Floor Plans of My House FAQs

Can I Find My House Plans Online?

Yes, it is possible to find house plans online. Some counties have online databases, and some developers will publish floor plans on their websites. So, not all floorplans will be accessible online, but it is possible to find them on the internet.  

How Do You Find House Plans Online?

Check to see if your county has a database you can use to look up floorplans or submit a request through email. You also visit the website of the developer who designed the community, as they may have floorplans you can download, especially if they only offer a few options. 

Can You Find Blueprints for Any Building?

Yes, you can find the blueprints for virtually any building by contacting either the developer or the local permit authority. However, it may require some research and a few phone calls to track down the right person.