Do You Need a Home Security System if You Rent an Apartment?

By PropertyClub Team
May 4th 2021
When you think of home security, you probably think of a house and not an apartment. But apartments are actually more likely to be burglarized than a house is, so they have just as much of a need for a home security system. 

Of course, if you own your apartment, you can do what you like. But what if you rent? Should you install a home security system? That likely depends on your specific situation, but it's something to consider, especially if you live on a ground floor apartment or in a complex that doesn't have any high-tech security. And be sure to remember that as a renter, your lease might require you to notify your landlord if you plan on installing a home security system.  

hash-markWhy Rental Apartment Security is Important

In many cases, your rental apartment may not necessitate a home security system. If you live in a luxury apartment building with all the bells and whistles, adding your own system might be overkill. Of course, it's your prerogative to add one in if you feel you need to. Sometimes, even in secured, luxury buildings, there are problems with stolen packages, and having your own system can be warranted. But most high-end, contemporary apartments, particularly in metro areas, will have good in-built security. Many might have security guards, 24-hour surveillance, and if you're lucky, they might have cameras set up for each unit. However, if you rent an apartment that doesn't feature security, you should consider investing in your own system.

At the end of the day, burglars will target apartments and not just houses. In fact, sometimes they specifically target apartments. And, what's more, the same methods will apply to breaking into an apartment as a house. Usually, a burglar will scout the area to find an empty apartment that has good cover and an easy way out. If they see a security camera or other signs of a home security system, they'll almost certainly be deterred. Similarly, if you live on the 10th floor of a building, you're probably relatively safe. But for those who live closer to the ground, a burglar can find their way in with relative ease. In many cases, burglars access apartments through open doors or windows, which may be left ajar by occupants who think they're safe because they live in an apartment. 

So, if you want to make sure you protect yourself, your family, and your valuable belongings, consider investing in a home security system, even if you're a renter. If you do intend to install a security system in a rental apartment, make sure you let your landlord know. If you plan to hire a security company, they will likely require the landlord to sign off on the installation. 

hash-markWhat Type of Home Security System Should You Choose?

You will likely have many home security options to choose from, with options for every budget, whether you prefer to hire one of the best home security companies around or are more of a DIYer. 

If you're renting, a wired system isn't always going to be an option. But no to fear, there are plenty of wireless security systems that work just as well and can be relatively easily installed in your rental apartment. Even better, many wireless systems are DIY, so you won't have to pay for an expensive installation process. 

To start with, consider basic security measures such as more secure locks for your windows and doors. If you feel like these security measures are sufficient, then there's no need to look further. But if you shop around for something more comprehensive, you're bound to find a huge number of wireless security options that are tailormade for apartments. There are options for alarm systems and wireless security cameras that link to your smartphone so you can keep an eye on your house when you aren't home. It all depends on the level of security that you feel like you need. If you like in a big city or area with a higher crime rate, considering a more comprehensive security option is a good idea. Particularly if you live on the ground floor or somewhere a burglar can easily gain access. 

Overall, it's your prerogative to have a home security system, even if you're renting an apartment. You're just as entitled to your safety as everyone else, so it's worthwhile to get a security system installed rather than risking a break-in. After all, peace of mind is worth the small investment you'll make in a home security system.