Essential Tools For Real Estate Agents

By PropertyClub Team
Aug 19th 2022
As a realtor, it has become essential to keep up with new tech and apps to stay on top of your game. Some of the best tools for real estate agents can help you create better listings, interact with clients, and manage your deal flow.

Startups and businesses are constantly churning out new tools and apps that cater to the needs of real estate professionals. Today we’re taking a look at some of the most useful and innovative ones. We’ve rounded up below a list of 11 of the best tools and apps that help real estate agents navigate their busy schedules and streamline their services. 

hash-markBest Tools For Real Estate Agents

  • Bannersnack
  • BoxBrownie
  • Digital Flyer
  • Folio
  • Later
  • PalmAgent ONE
  • ProofHub
  • RealScout
  • ScheduleOnce
  • Showing Pro
  • Venngage


If you're looking for an effective, user-friendly web design tool that can successfully tell the story of your brand and requires no coding skills, Bannersnack is one option worth considering.

Bannersnack is an easy to use online design platform that allows you to create all of your marketing visuals in one place. From digital, print, static, or animated banner ads to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, IAB, Pinterest, or LinkedIn visuals, this tool enables you to design killer ads effortlessly. 

The platform's primary focus is on maximizing productivity when designing ads. You can either start from scratch or choose from their many handcrafted real estate banner templates and generate 30+ ads of different sizes, all at once. Plus, the drag-and-drop editor and the advanced animations and interactive elements insert options make it possible for any real estate agent to design ads seamlessly.

hash-markBoxBrownie is a 24/7, cloud-based, photo editing company providing a range of services for marketing for both residential and commercial real estate. We offer a no subscription, pay as you go service, with standard edits returned within 24 hours.

Offering high-quality professional products such as Image Enhancement, Virtual Staging, Twilight Conversions, Floor Plan Redraws, CGI Renders, Virtual Renovation, plus so much more.

As the leading photo editing company in America, we have established ourselves within the Real Estate Industry. With strong relationships with NAR and multiple MLS’ across the country, we continue to work together to provide better support and education around property marketing." 

A picture is worth a thousand words and the guys at BoxBrownie know it all too well. Good photos are the first step to increasing the likelihood of a showing so they've created this photo editing website that can show your listings in their best light. And in addition to image enhancements that include brightness/contrast adjustments, color balancing, straightening, sharpening and more, with BoxBrownie you can also stage the property by adding virtual furniture in the picture, showcasing the full potential of the home to prospective buyers, or remove items from the image to declutter the space. 

hash-markDigital Flyer

Digital Flyer from Pro Agent Solutions is a lead generation sign rider texting application. This is how it works: a prospective buyer sees a home they like. They text the short numeric code on the sign rider to a local number and immediately receive a text with property information, including pictures. Simultaneously, the listing agent is texted and emailed the interested buyer's contact information. You can text 101 to 678-929-6001 to see an example of a text a buyer will receive.

Digital Flyer is a real estate text rider and SMS marketing software tool from Pro Agent Solutions. The tool saves you time and money by using SMS marketing so that you don’t need to get new text sign riders made for each property, and you don’t have to manage multiple phone numbers. All of your listings are accessible with your Digital Flyer phone number, which makes life easy for any real estate professional. Pro Agent Solutions can also text you the phone number of the prospective home buyer while they are still in front of the house, via an instant text message and email. Then, you can use their CRM Pro features to nurture those leads and close more deals. 


Folio is the email assistant that automatically organizes your Gmail or Outlook emails, files, contacts and timelines by transaction. Never search for a document again, and keep everyone on track with automatic timelines that sync with your calendar and make you look like a pro. More than 100,000 agents use Folio across over 50 percent of all real estate transactions in the United States and Canada.

Powered by AI, the Folio app was designed to simplify and organize communication with clients by attaching to your Gmail or Office 365 account where it automatically organizes transactions, documents, and deal timelines. The machine algorithm scans and sorts sender and receiver information, the subject line, the email body, attachment file names, as well as text within attachments. Also, it enables the user to sync calendars and set reminders, which is a handy tool for a busy real estate agent. 


Later is the #1 Marketing Platform for Instagram! You can visually plan, schedule, and analyze posts for Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.

Social media has grown into a powerful marketing tool, and the people at Later are well-aware of that. So they've come up with a social media scheduling app that allows users to schedule a month of content in just a few hours. For real estate agents, this is a great time-saving tool, as it enables them to focus more on their multitude of tasks while maintaining a well-organized and planned content feed on their offers, specials and the like. Its features include auto-publishing, a visual calendar, a feed preview with drag-and-drop capabilities and analytics to check what content works best with the audience. A cool, informative video is available here.

hash-markPalmAgent ONE

PalmAgent ONE offers agents quick and easy access to pre-loaded fees and calculations that make talking numbers with clients easy. Not only does the free app help agents look professional and knowledgeable with buyers and sellers, but there’s a TON of content in the app that makes marketing a real estate business EASY! PalmAgent ONE is the ultimate realtor tool and puts tools in an agent’s hand that takes their business to the next level!

The PalmAgent ONE app comes with preloaded calculations and closing costs based on specific cities/counties that help you get an initial idea of financials associated with real estate deals. The user has dedicated fields to enter the sales price, the interest rate, the broker fee, and up to seven additional pieces of information, and automatically receives a report with detailed graphs and tables. This management software also allows users to run calculations such as monthly affordability, rent vs. buy, sell to net, as well as compare multiple offers. 


ProofHub solves the many challenges managers and people involved in a growing real estate have to face. Here are a few that might sound familiar—poorly defined goals, unrealistic deadlines, insidious scope creep, lack of accountability, conflicts caused by miscommunication, poor risk management, investing in too many tools, and more.

ProofHub is a cloud-based project management solution designed for businesses/teams of every size, in every industry. For real estate agents, this tool serves as a central place for projects, people, tasks, files, reports—and everything else that comes in between running a real estate business and making it successful. 

Gantt charts, Kanban boards, Custom roles, Chats, Discussions, @mention, Notes, Reports, Calendar, Timesheets, Timers, Proofing tools, Announcements, and Third-party integrations (Freshbooks, Google Calendar, iCal, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive), these are some of the key highlights of the ProofHub's scalable feature list. Overall, this simple project management software has every feature or tool that you, as a real estate agent, may need. 

And if that isn't enough to convince you, ProofHub's pricing surely will. Unlike most real estate project management solutions available on the market, ProofHub has a fair and reasonable pricing structure—no per-user fees. The tool offers two paid plans, along with an initial 30-day free trial. And there are special discounts if your firm is a nonprofit.


RealScout is a collaborative home search platform that includes MLS data, photos, and personalized text that caters perfectly to both the agent and the homebuyer. It has an excellent search capability, which allows you to filter your home search by whatever feature is most important to your client, such as 'natural light' or 'open plan.' Typically, homebuyers start their search online, and this tool helps the collaboration between the agent and the homebuyer: the homebuyer has access to the tools to choose, and the agent is given visibility into that choice. 


ScheduleOnce is a top-of-the-funnel scheduling solution designed to improve your conversion rates and shorten time-to-revenue.

ScheduleOnce is a scheduling app that makes it easier for real estate agents to schedule apartment showings, property inspections, and any other events. Moreover, it connects seamlessly with any other calendar so that you can have all your appointments in one place. The tool can be used for a variety of industries, including B2B, finance, healthcare, consulting, lifestyle, and education, so it can be used both for professional purposes and for personal event scheduling. 

hash-markShowing Pro

Showing Pro from Pro Agent Solutions provides state of the art, end-to-end automated workflow for scheduling showings, calendar management, approval and reminder notifications, and showing feedback requests. Feedback requests are sent out by email as well as text to improve response rates. Other great features include one-touch notifications for price changes and seller showings reports.

Showing Pro is a cloud-based showing service that incorporates a team-showing calendar for all your team's listings in one place. Basically, you carry with you and access from any device your every member's showing calendar and manage all other appointments and tasks. The app also includes approvals and automated feedback requests, so in a way, it acts like a 24/7 call center. 


Venngage is an online design solution that helps people visualize their ideas and simplifies complex information. No matter what your level of design training is, Venngage makes it easy to create engaging infographics, presentations, reports, blog posts, and more. Their simple drag-and-drop canvas and single-click branding features allow for anyone to create seamless, branded designs.

The Venngage app is a great design tool as you can use it to compile your data in catchy infographics, reports, and flyers or even presentations. It's easy to use, as it offers a variety of templates to choose from to share your information and listings in a descriptive and illustrative way. You can also add your company logo onto published graphs and juggle with the color palette. Once you've designed your project, you can download it in PDF format or .jpeg and also share it on social media directly from the app.