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About Chinatown

Set foot in Chinatown in Lower Manhattan and you'll find yourself transported to a different world. Vendors line the bustling streets selling everything from tropical fruits to live eels to knock-off designer watches, handbags and perfumes while the neighborhood’s many eateries release intoxicating and exotic smells, which swirl through the air tickling your senses and beckoning you through their doors. The neighborhood has been an enclave for Chinese immigrants since the middle of the 19th century, and is currently the largest “Chinatown” in the US, and serves as the center of the New York Metro area’s Chinese community, the largest such community outside of Asia. Well known for its many eclectic markets as well as its food scene the neighborhood is home to some of NYC's best ethnic restaurants, making it a popular destination for foodies as well as tourists looking to get an authentic taste of China.

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Joe's Shanghai

Yelp rating5890 reviews

88 Lan Zhou Handmade Noodle

Yelp rating1730 reviews