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111-39 76 Rd, Apt A7


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23-22 30th Road, Apt 8G


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28-16 21st Street, Apt 202


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All about no fee apartments in Queens, NY

It’s taken some time, but Queens has started to experience more residential development as rental prices in Brooklyn and Manhattan have risen, driving tenants to venture into Queens as they search for more affordable housing. While this increased interest in housing in the borough might make some think broker fees would rise, the exact opposite has happened. As the borough has become more mainstream, it’s become easier to find no-fee apartments in Queens, thanks to the combination of smaller local landlords bringing their listings online and the new, institutional landlords who tend to have self-managed no-fee rentals, building more properties.

Where can you find the best no fee rentals in Queens?

If you’re looking for a luxury, no fee apartment, the best place to start is Long Island City. The best rental buildings in Queens are in LIC, and they’re all no-fee. By renting an apartment in the neighborhood, you benefit from an incredible location that is close to Manhattan and lower monthly rents, thanks to being across the East River in Queens.

Where can you find no-fee, for rent by owner apartments in Queens?

Back in the day, you would have found Queens apartments for rent by owner through word of mouth, but nowadays, more and more of these no fee apartments can be found online. Depending on what part of Queens you’re looking in, you’ll want to check out a variety of websites, including PropertyClub and Facebook, where numerous for rent by owner and no fee groups exist like Gypsy Housing.