What is a Craftsman Home?

By PropertyClub Team
Dec 15th 2021
Craftsman homes are one of many architectural styles that are starting to take hold once more. But, what is this style of house, and why is it so popular? 

hash-markWhat Is Craftsman Architecture?

Craftsman architecture first took off during the last century, between 1900 to 1925. Before 1900, homes began to have a very industrial, uniform, and mass-produced appearance. Everyone had similar homes simply because they were (literally) rolled off factory floors. 

By the time the Industrial Revolution had gotten into full swing, homes were starting to become increasingly uniform. They also weren’t cozy. Or even very homey. Craftsmen often felt like their work was disrespected by the new way of doing things. 

Actual artisans came up with a new type of architecture that celebrated the hard work they made and showcased handiwork. It was named “Craftsman.” This type of home is characterized by simplicity, uniqueness, and a take away from mass-produced homes that were found common in the Industrial Age. 

hash-markCommon Characteristics Of Craftsman Homes

More specifically, there are several traits about craftsmen houses are worth noting:

  • Craftsman homes tend to be more focused on being small to medium in size. They aren’t large or garish like McMansions—at least, traditionally. 
  • They also have a focus on natural materials. Wood chips, more natural colors in paint, and tons of glasswork are common. It’s like a blend between a Cape Cod and a ranch home. 
  • They often have patios held up by thick tapered columns, exposed rafters, stonework accents, and small steps. This gives the home a very welcoming vibe. 
  • Unlike other home types, Craftsman homes are not painted in bright colors most of the time. Natural colors like beige and white tend to be more popular. 
  • Many of these homes feature Frank Lloyd Wright architecture for windows. Lots of light being led into the home is a must. 

hash-markWhy Are Craftsman Homes So Popular?

Well, it’s easy to see why if you take a look at these homes in real life. Craftsman homes are naturally inviting and welcoming thanks to the heavy use of windows as well as the emphasis on wood. It gives your home a gorgeous, natural, and open layout. 

Moreover, there is a historical side to things that make these homes particularly popular. The beginning of this trend was started in the earlier part of the last century. That means that, by default, many of these homes can qualify as a cultural landmark simply by their existence. 

Many of the first Craftsman homes (those built at the turn of the century) happen to be historic homes that are now recognized as made by highly renowned architects. In other words, they are highly sought-after by people who like the finer things in life.

hash-markWhere Are Craftsman Houses Found?

Craftsman homes are generally an “all-American” type of thing, with most of the original homes originating in California. However, their beauty and sturdy builds ensured that they stretched from coast to coast. As a result, they are still insanely popular in California, the Southwest, and the Southeast. 

With that said, this particular home style became incredibly popular and has even gotten a resurgence in recent years. So, you can almost always count on finding at least one nice recent construction that has this style or borrows from its main elements. 

hash-markTypes Of Craftsman Homes

There are several smaller subcategories that you can choose from. The three most popular are as follows:

Craftsman Traditionals

These Craftsman houses are built to be as close to the original Craftsman home as possible. They are small to medium-sized and often have a warm, vintage look that people love. 

Modern Craftsman

These are homes that have a lot of elements of a traditional Craftsman home but may have a modernized twist. For example, they may be medium-to-large, have some Tudor influences, or have even more windows than before. Some also count homes that have bold and bright paint jobs or oceanic accents into this category. 

Craftsman McMansions

Obviously, these are not as popular as other Craftsman looks simply because they are not well made. (McMansions are notoriously bad in quality.) However, that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Instead, these tend to have an architectural style that is similar to traditional but amped up to the point that they are not entirely Craftsman. 

Craftsman McMansions are far larger than a traditional home in this style would be. So, they often look a bit “over the top” due to the sheer amount of rafters and overhangs they have. 

hash-markAre Craftsman Homes Going To Stay In Style?

There are very few home styles that ever go out of style, so we’re going to lean with a “no” here. Craftsman homes are actually quite modern in the grand scheme of things and remain impeccably popular because they are so versatile. 

Do they offer a little Cali glamour? Of course, but they can also look just as at home in the heartland or by the coast in a storehouse. So, if you love this architecture style, it’s safe to say you’re in good company. All you have to do now is find a home that suits your style.