Tiny House Interior Design Ideas

By PropertyClub Team
Nov 1st 2020
Having a tiny house means that you can’t really go big when it comes to your interior, right? Not quite. Despite having little room to work with, a well-designed tiny home can turn into your own personal Shangri-la if you’re smart about it. It all comes down to cool interior design ideas.

hash-markTiny House Decorating Ideas

Need hell jazzifying your tiny home, or just make it more “you?” There are plenty of tips and tricks to turn your tiny home into a stylish little place of your own. These design ideas below are an excellent place to start.

Bring The Woods Indoors

Another great way to make your tiny home pop is to bring the great outdoors' woody aspects inside. This is a classic look that is ideal for RVs that are going to be used in camping. One might argue that “glamping” just got easier!

Lots of rich cherry and oak wood materials are what add a rustic vibe. If you want to go full lumberjack, then add some flannel sheets and table cloths to the mix.

Southwestern Style

If you are a fan of desert scenery and yearn for the days of the Wild West, why not bring that energy into your home? It’s a beautiful decoration theme to indulge in and it can be easy to put together. Best of all, it uses chic colors like adobe pink and turquoise to add a unique twist to your home.

To get this vibe, add Southwestern sheets, a dream catcher, and maybe some clay pottery wherever you see fit. If you want to keep things authentic, consider buying some jewelry straight from people who live in the region to add some extra style. 

Go Light

The biggest issue with tiny homes is the potential for feeling like you’ve got no space. That’s why going for a lighter color scheme matters so much here. Light colors like white, creams and sandy beiges are ideal for opening up your tiny home’s appearance. 

Go Boho!

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that people are starting to pick up on the “Bohemian” trend. This artsy trend is all about eclectic decor, bright colors, and adding a personal touch to every part of your life—including the interior of your tiny home!

Paisley and mandala patterned cushions, bright paint colors, and global accents are what will turn your tiny home into a traveler’s delight. This trend also tends to work well with the wooden interiors found in most tiny homes.

Modern It Up!

Do most tiny home decorating ideas have a rustic or retro look? Of course. What do you expect when most tiny homes are heavy on wood frames. Modern looks, especially those with an Asian touch to the style, add a new element of feng shui to any tiny home.

The cool thing about modern furniture is that it’s meant to be used in small spaces and adds a stylish twist to any room. If you love the idea of making a profound statement with your options, go for organic shapes and bold colors.  

Turn It Into A Fairy Home

Don’t ask us why, but tiny homes naturally have a whimsical look to them. This means that dialing up the whimsy up a notch will always be a welcome concept. The easiest way to make this happen is to add fairy-like murals, faux vines, and everyone’s favorite mood lighting—string lights!

This is a decorating idea that you can dial up or down as you see fit. If you want to make it a lightly ethereal look, just get sheer curtains and fairy lights. If you’re going to go all the way with it, paint a mural on your ceiling of faeries. 

Contrast It

White paint paired with dark woods makes a statement that is all too awesome. It’s bold, modern, and yet still works to “open up” everything. If you’re a fan of the “French Country” look, then this will be a great choice. 

If you’re trying to get away from the traditional woody look of a tiny home, then you should consider painting your home in a black and white theme. It’ll give it a stately country vibe without being harsh.

Get Green With It

If you think about it, the entire tiny home revolution is rooted in being earth-friendly. So, why not bring some more “green” into your home. Studies show that having plants in your area improves your mood and sense of well-being. A good theme to add to your home is a botanical one. 

To get into this concept, all you have to do is add some potted plants and (maybe) some faux vines. It’s a simple yet delightfully awesome way to deck out a place. 

hash-markNote: Keep It Multifunctional

When you live in an area that’s under 550 square feet, every little ounce of space counts. That’s why getting multifunctional furniture is a must. At the very least, you should look into a bed that doubles as storage or a loft with a desk area. ‘

The best place to go for small living spaces is IKEA. They often have some of the best interior design ideas—particularly when it comes to storage. If you’re ever at a loss, look there and invest in storage. 


If you are still trying to come up with tiny house decorating ideas, take your time browsing the net. Though your tiny home might be a pretty petite place to live, every little thing you add to your home will change the way it looks. It’s a big project, and it’s alright to take your time with your design motif.