Rental Properties Listed at Insane Prices in the Most Prominent Cities Around the World

By PropertyClub Team
Mar 4th 2019
Ultra-luxury dwellings have always been popular and managed to catch people’s attention ever since our prehistoric ancestors moved out from their caves. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to own or rent an extravagant home, but we sure love to look at them! So what better place to look at upscale homes than in some of the most affluent cities in the world? From Paris to London to New York City and beyond, we looked at the most expensive and luxurious rentals currently listed to see how high prices can go... and we found that they can get really, really high.

What initially started with a search of the most expensive apartments in New York City led to us asking ourselves "How do other big cities in the U.S. and around the globe stack up?" and "Can ultra-luxury rentals in any other city match Manhattan's prices and extravagance." The cities we looked at included Los Angeles (including Beverly Hills & Malibu), San Francisco, London, Paris, Dubai, and Tokyo.

Through our searching, we've stumbled upon some genuinely mind-blowing, ultra-luxury homes for rent, but we ultimately settled on presenting only the most expensive ones from each city. Let’s start by taking a look at Manhattan’s priciest apartment rental.

Half a Million Dollars for a 6-Bedroom Apartment in Manhattan

Right of the bat Manhattan lives up to its reputation for expensive real estate prices with a $500,000/month 6-bedroom apartment (which is a whopping 122 times more costly than your average $4,100/month Manhattan apartment). With a price fit to buy a house in most parts of the country you can expect to get every luxury and amenity imaginable and then some. The biggest twist is that you won't actually be renting a condo or co-op, but rather an entire hotel floor in the heart of Manhattan. The property in question is The Pierre Hotel, located on Fifth Avenue just steps from Central Park. For $500,000/month you’d get to rent the entire 39th floor of the luxury hotel, comprising multiple hotel rooms (although listed as a six-bedroom apartment). The listing features a private elevator, panoramic 360-degree views, ultra-luxury finishes and amenities, and all the services of a five-star hotel.

For $375,000/month, Live Like a Movie Star in Beverly Hills

Rents in the city of Los Angeles aren’t usually all that high compared to New York City, but when you branch out into Los Angeles County and cities like Beverly Hills and Malibu, prices skyrocket. Currently, the most expensive rental in LA County is a 13-bedroom, 23-bathroom mansion in Beverly Hills.

Palazzo di Amore is listed for $375,000/month and requires the renter to pay an additional $1.4 million deposit. If you rent this prestigious residence, you’ll get to enjoy million-dollar views of both the city and the ocean each day. The property sits on about 25 acres and features a quarter-mile-long driveway, gardens, pools and even a waterfall. Interior amenities include a Turkish-style spa, a Moroccan retreat, and a wine tasting room—to name a few. Meanwhile, in nearby Malibu, the priciest rental on the market is a $200,000/month 6-bedroom contemporary mansion.

In San Francisco a Chic Apartment is the Most Expensive Rental Listed

Heading north on the California coast to San Francisco, the US city with the highest average rents, the most expensive ultra-luxury rental is, to our surprise and probably yours as well, listed for only $35,000/month for a 2-bedroom, 2.5 bathroom condo. The chic apartment is the smallest on our list at just 1,827 square feet and is located on the 65th floor of a full-service, luxury high-rise on Fremont Street. The residence offers stunning views of the city and features luxury finishes. 

The Most Expensive Rental in London is Just a Little Bit Cheaper Than the Malibu Mansion

Overlooking Hyde Park, London’s biggest park, this penthouse has everything you’ll ever need with the only downside being the exorbitant price tag. Spanning approximately 4,250 square feet, the penthouse boasts 5-bedrooms and 5-baths, concierge service, 24-hour room service, 24-hour security and much more. With the monthly rent being £281,667 (approximately $372,000), this rental wins the prize of being the most expensive one listed in London.

Discover the Luxurious, Parisian Lifestyle on the Banks of the River Seine

For €45,500/month (approximately $52,000) you could be living in one of Paris’ most beautiful areas, surrounded by historic palaces, and at the center of the French capital's art and entertainment scene. This lavish residence is located in the heart of Paris, in the 7th arrondissement of the city, just minutes away from the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre. The apartment, dubbed LERINS, has a modern, contemporary design and boasts stunning views of the city. This 4-bedroom apartment is currently the most expensive rental listed in the capital of France.

Live in a 25,000 Square Foot Villa in Dubai for $680K/Year

Heading over to the middle-east the most expensive rental listed in Dubai is a ~$57,000/month, fully furnished, high-end lake villa in the city’s Emirates Hills neighborhood. The waterfront property is situated in one of Dubai’s gated communities and features seven bedrooms and seven bathrooms. The home's ‘piece de resistance’ is the master bedroom, fully equipped with a walk-in closet and a Jacuzzi tub, among other luxuries. The mansion is surrounded by a stunning garden which boasts a custom pergola and an outdoor bar. There's also a basketball court and accommodation for staff (maid's room and chauffer's room).

$31k/Month to Live in Tokyo's Priciest Apartment

On the other side of Asia, in Tokyo, searching for the most expensive listing proved to be a bit difficult, but ultimately we believe this five-bedroom home to be the priciest apartment in Japan’s capital. The apartment has a total of 3,530 sq ft and can be yours for $31,000/month. 

In the end, even though there are rentals listed at fantastical prices in every corner of the world we didn’t manage to find any that were more expensive than the insane $500,000/month NYC listing at the Pierre Hotel. This goes to show you that when talking about ultra-luxury real estate prices, the odds are that apartments in Manhattan will come out on top.