Questions to Ask Potential Roommates

By PropertyClub Team
Feb 1st 2022
Whether you’re purchasing a place for yourself or dealing with someone moving out, finding a roommate you can work with is critical. There’s nothing worse than living with someone who makes your life harder than it should be. Before you ask someone to move in with you, you should ask a few questions to see if they’re the right fit. Read on to learn about seventeen of the best questions you can pose when looking for that ideal fit.

hash-mark1. Have you ever had issues paying your rent on time?

This question is ideal to ask right away, especially if you live somewhere where rent is pricey, such as New York. Lack of paying rent can be one of the biggest deal-breakers for potential roommates. Although they might dodge the question, you should be able to tell by their response if they’re a reliable rent-payer or not. If you can’t figure it out, try to contact former roommates or even their previous landlord if they rented before.

hash-mark2. What time do you like to go to bed?

Bedtime is another issue roommates must face when living with each other. If you like to get to sleep around nine, you will have trouble with a roommate who prefers going to sleep at one in the morning. You should understand if they’re a light or heavy sleeper to see how rest routines will be in your home. It’s vital that each of you are able to get the sleep you need.

hash-mark3. Do you like to clean?

Some people absolutely cannot, and should not, live in a mess. If you’re neutral about cleanliness, but your roommate prefers a pristine setting, you should discuss this. You can also create a division of labor before the move-in process occurs, so you have a plan of action for taking care of your space.

hash-mark4. Do you smoke?

Find out if they smoke to see if they’re a good fit. If your apartment doesn’t allow smoking, you can clarify this right off the bat. If the person does smoke and you don’t want to deal with the scent and stain that comes with smoking, you might want to avoid a roommate who incorporates this action into their daily routine.

hash-mark5. What’s your favorite temperature to reside in?

Do you prefer lounging in the heat? Do you enjoy wrapping yourself up in the cold? It’s critical to determine what temperature you want in a living condition to see if you and your roommate are a good match. If you both prefer different extremes, living conditions could cause disagreements. There’s nothing worse than being too hot or too cold day in and day out.

hash-mark6. Do you like to have friends over?

Friends can be noisy. Does your potential roommate have friends they would have over often? Do you have friends you want to come over regularly? Clarify this preference to see how comfortable your roommate is with how you feel about inviting other people over.

hash-mark7. What does your daily routine look like?

This question combines getting to know the other person and getting a feel for how they live life. You can see any stumbling blocks that might appear with the way you live. A daily routine is also an excellent way to see if your potential roommate prefers an introverted or extroverted lifestyle. Sometimes, they can help you live life to the fullest if you prefer to stay inside.

hash-mark8. Do you have any pets?

If your building doesn’t allow pets, you should clarify this right off the bat. If you have pet allergies or don’t want an animal in your space, you should have this talk before they commit. Maybe you can meet the animal ahead of time to see if you’d be okay with having them as a third roommate. A fish is a different story than a giant dog.

hash-mark9. What do you think of me?

Be blunt with this one. What does this person think of you? What do you think of them? It’s critical for you guys to like each other if you’re going to see each other at your best and worst. It’s best to be upfront with this question so you can part ways if it’s clear you’re not a match.

hash-mark10. What would your previous landlord say about you?

Of course, you can approach this strategy in a less obvious manner by performing a silent background check on this person. However, if you want to know if this person is a trustworthy roommate with finances, ask what their previous landlord would say if you contacted them. There should be clues here that will prepare you to decide.

hash-mark11. What are the most stressful moments of your week or day?

Ask them to reveal the most stressful moments of your day and week, and give yours as well. You can know when each of you will be at the worst during the week or day, as well as when you might want to steer clear of each other. Nobody is perfect, and usually, it’s simple to pinpoint when you might have the most difficult time.

hash-mark12. What do you like to do on the weekend?

Do they like to throw parties on the weekend? Stay inside and read a book? Is there anything you can do together to bond during your time together? You can know whether you’ll be dealing with parties or going to the movies. The weekend is a sacred time for some and a period of rest for others.

hash-mark13. What do you do to decompress?

Everybody has a way that they prefer to relax. Talk about the things you need to relax, whether an hour of TV or a bubble bath in the morning. Ensure you respect that space when your new roommate needs it. If their needs are intense, you can avoid taking them on as a roommate.

hash-mark14. How often do you cook?

Dishes. Everybody hates doing them, and rightfully so. Ask your potential roommate if they often cook and how they clean up to avoid any fights about the kitchen. If you also cook, you can even figure out a schedule to lessen the prices of your groceries if you live in an expensive place like San Francisco.

hash-mark15. Do you have any restrictions in your diet?

Do they have any restrictions in their diet? Do you? Are there any severe allergies that could prevent certain food items from being in your house? Severe allergies can be a make or break for some roommate lifestyles. It might seem silly to spend time on this, but it will matter in the long run.

hash-mark16. What’s your style of communication or confrontation?

Even before your first argument, you should establish a way to communicate. Being verbal and open is one of the best ways to have a healthy relationship with your roommate.

hash-mark17. What makes you feel better when you have a rough time?

This question can help you better understand each other. If you know what makes the other person feel better after a bad day, you can figure out how to make them feel better and avoid conflicts. You can understand how to help them when they’re at their worst.