Pros and Cons of Butcher Block Counters

By PropertyClub Team
Dec 12th 2022
Are you thinking of using butcher block countertops for your house? If you want to adopt the newest trend for house decoration but have no idea where to start, you are in the right place. In this article, you will find all of the information you need about butcher block countertops, from pros and cons to pricing and maintenance.

hash-markWhat Are Butcher Block Countertops?

Butcher block countertops are wooden countertops that can come in various styles and colors. Used mainly in the kitchen area, they are highly versatile and trending right now.

The pieces of hardwood are glued together with a food-safe finish. Thanks to this, they have both an aesthetic and practical role for your furniture.

hash-markPros of Butcher Block Countertops

1. They can be used as a cutting board

The biggest benefit of butcher block countertops is that you can use them as a cutting board. If you are passionate about cooking and want to cook more often, the wooden butcher block countertops are perfect for you. They do not dull your knife like other counters might do (especially those made of granite). Moreover, their practicality is one of the reasons why this type of countertop is popular for rustic homes.

2. Affordability

Butcher block countertops are a good option for people who want to make use of their finances to the best of their abilities. Due to the fact that they are made of hardwood, butcher block countertops are more affordable in the long run.

3. Long-lasting and high quality

This type of countertop is made of hardwood. When kept well and used properly, you can be sure they will last for many years. Butcher block countertops are one of the best options for people who like to invest in long-lasting pieces of furniture.

4. Versatility

When it comes to the looks of the counters, you can choose between many types of wood and even the grain type. You can personalize your countertops with the desired type of hardwood. Some of the options which you can choose from are reddish woods, such as cherry or red oak, and the more natural-looking ones, such as bamboo or maple.

Additionally, when picking between the types of grain, you can get counters with longer stripes, or you can go for a checkerboard look. The difference is massive and you can adapt them to your home’s style. The good news is you always have options to choose from.

hash-markCons of Butcher Block Countertops

1. They are prone to scratches

One of the main drawbacks of butcher block counters is that they are prone to scratching. This means they are not ideal for families with young children or people prone to accidents. Although you can cut food on them without dulling your knives, the wood can get scratched.

So you might want to reconsider buying them unless you want to invest a lot of time in restoring the countertops.

2. Costs might run higher with maintenance

However, one thing you need to take into consideration is the upkeeping of butcher block countertops. Although the tools you need for this procedure are not expensive, you will always use them.

This, in return, transforms them into recurring costs, which you should be aware of.

3. Butcher block counters are sensitive to heat

As with any other piece of furniture, these counters are sensitive to heat. So while they might endure cutting, try not to place hot pots directly on them. By not using any intermediate layer between the hot surface and the countertops (like a potholder), you risk leaving marks on the counters which are hard or even impossible to remove.

4. Butcher block counters do not hold water

To maintain the countertops, you must not forget they are made of wood. So you must keep them as dry as possible. The wood gets highly affected by water, and it gets bumps or might even swell to the point the pieces of wood are not united anymore.

For the well-being of your kitchen countertops, try using a deep sink so that the water does not splash on the counters. And make sure that you always wipe them with a dry cloth so as not to leave drops of water on the counters for a prolonged time.

hash-markButcher Block Counters Cost

Fortunately, these kinds of counters are fairly affordable. Given all of the pros they bring, they could easily be considered “a bargain.”

With prices ranging from $214 to $450 per piece, you can easily calculate the budget you need to refurbish your entire kitchen. Moreover, the price is considerably lower than most countertops. But, of course, it also depends if you will install them yourself or if you will hire a specialist. Depending on the situation, the prices will vary accordingly.

hash-markAre Butcher Block Counters High Maintenance?

While butcher block counters are sensitive to factors such as heat, wetness, or scratches, you don’t need to worry. Luckily, they are sort of low maintenance. All you need to do to restore them is fine sandpaper and a high-quality finishing oil.

Make sure to talk to your supplier and find out which type of oil is best for your specific counters, as different types of wood might need different oils.

hash-markButcher Block Counters Bottom Line

Although sensitive and prone to scratches, butcher block countertops are a great choice for your house. Not only are they practical and beautiful, but they are also environmentally friendly and budget-friendly. As mentioned above, butcher block counters are highly versatile, and you can pick from a large variety of colors while the practical side stays the same. They are easy to restore and make a great choice for long-lasting furniture.