Paying Off Mortgage Early Guide

By PropertyClub Team
May 17th 2023
Mortgages can take a long time to pay off. If you have extra money on hand, you might wonder if there’s a way you can pay off your mortgage early. Is it possible to finish your payments faster than anticipated and free yourself from this extra financial burden?

If you’re interested in getting ahead of your payments, there’s a way to do so! Read on to learn more about how you can pay off your mortgage early, if you should do it, and so much more. There’s a lot to cover, so let’s get started right away.

hash-markCan You Pay Off A Mortgage Early?

Although some lenders enact penalties for early mortgage payments, most of the time, it causes no harm to pay off your remortgage early. However, you should always do a few things before taking the leap.

Before you make early payments, contact your lender. Check and see if there are any rules against making payments. If there are, you could pay extra fees. You should also check and see if there are restrictions on making payments that would limit how you tackle the finances. Ensure the money goes to the principal and not the interest rate.

hash-markShould You Pay Off Your Mortgage Early?

You can pay off your mortgage early, but should you? There are plenty of reasons for and against this action. Let’s talk about a few of them.

If you put money into your mortgage, you could lose money for expenses like health costs or car payments. However, it’s good to put money towards your mortgage if you think you’ll spend it on unnecessary items or if you simply have the extra income.

Check out your interest rate and the factors that come with your loan. Everyone’s situation is different, and only you can know what’s best for your life.

If you decide you want to pay off your mortgage early, there are a few ways you can do it. Let’s talk about some of the best methods you can utilize to pay off your mortgage early.

hash-markHow To Pay Off Mortgage Early

  1. Make Extra Mortgage Payments
  2. Refinance Your Mortgage
  3. Recast Your Mortgage
  4. Make Lump-sum Payments Toward Your Principal
  5. Get a Loan Modification

1. Make Extra Mortgage Payments

The easiest way to pay off your mortgage early is to make extra payments on your loan. This rule might mean making a bonus payment or making biweekly mortgage payments. If your lender accepts biweekly payments, do this one. If not, you can make an extra lump sum payment each month.

2. Refinance Your Mortgage

Another thing you can do to help pay off a mortgage early is to is refinance your loan. However, this way is only the best if you can get a shorter payment term or a lower interest rate. However, refinancing can increase your monthly payments if the term is shortened.

3. Recast Your Mortgage

Recasting your mortgage is a little different from refinancing. You will keep the loan and pay a lump sum to the lender. From there, you will get an adjustment to the amortization schedule. You’ll get a lower loan, but everything else is about the same.

4. Make Lump-sum Payments Toward Your Principal

If you spontaneously get a bonus added to your bank account, you can pay lump sums toward your principal. These can help shorten the time significantly.

5. Get a Loan Modification

You can also get a loan modification. These are best for people who are dealing with financial difficulties. With a loan modification, your interest rate will adjust for help.

hash-markPaying Off Mortgage Early FAQ

Is it worth paying off the mortgage early?

If you can afford it and there are no fees, it’s worth it to pay off the mortgage early. If there are fees and you’re barely making payments, keep up with the regular payments.

What happens when you pay off your mortgage early?

Some lenders charge fees for paying off your mortgage early. However, many lenders don’t charge anything extra. You are then free of this extra financial burden.

Why shouldn’t you pay off your mortgage early?

You shouldn’t pay off your mortgage early if it kills you financially or if your lender charges fees to pay off the mortgage early. Always check with your lender to see what will happen if you pay everything off early.

What are two cons for paying off your mortgage early?

Two cons to paying off your mortgage ahead of time are that you could experience extra fees and you could be in trouble financially. You should check with your lender and ensure you can afford payments before proceeding with early payments for your mortgage.

Is it a good idea to pay a lump sum off your mortgage?

A lump sum makes it easy to take a large chunk off your mortgage. You can pay this amount any time you receive an extra influx of cash, such as with a bonus at work or a spontaneous win. You might not get lower rates, but your principal will lower.