No Fee Rentals are Great, Earning a Cash Rebate When Renting is Even Better!

The PropertyClub Team
Feb 1st 2019
When it comes to renting an apartment in New York City, one of the first things most renters look at is the fees involved, with no-fee apartments being the most desirable. So what could be better than finding the NYC penthouse, Manhattan loft, or Brooklyn brownstone of your dreams while not having to worry about paying a broker fee? Getting a cash rebate as a reward for renting your next NYC apartment, of course.

With rents and moving costs across New York City on a seemingly never-ending uptrend, we've gone ahead and partnered with a select number of brokerages to offer PropertyClub users cash-back rebates on their next no-fee apartment rental. Yes, that's right, no broker fees and up to a thousand dollars back in your pocket. You'll even be reimbursed for application fees!

NYC Apartment Rental Rebates 101

How much of a rebate can you earn?

You can a rebate ranging from $300-$1,000. The exact amount is based on your monthly rent (see below). You'll also be reimbursed for any application and credit check fees. 

$300 rebate for apartments under $3,500

$400 rebate for apartments priced from $3,500-$5,000

$600 rebate for apartments priced from $5,000-$6,500

$800 rebate for apartments priced from $6,500-$8,000

$1,000 rebate for apartments priced above $8,000

Who will I be working with?

We'll introduce you to one of our no-fee apartment broker specialists. They focus almost exclusively on the no-fee rentals niche and have access to 100% of available inventory. Their extensive experience expertise also means they have long-standing relationships with many buildings and property managers which will greatly help you in the event of other, competing applications being submitted on the apartment you want. 

How and why does this work?

It's quite simple actually- many large landlords and property management companies offer to pay brokers' commissions, and our partner brokers will share a part of that commission with you via a rebate. The situation is win-win as you'll get a valuable rebate and our partner brokers save time by being more efficient due to the nature of no-fee apartments (no-fee listings and buildings require less work when it comes to scheduling showings, submitting applications, and even signing the lease as many of these steps are handled by the building's management company or agent). 

When will you receive your rebate?

You'll typically receive your rebate approximately 30 days after your move-in date. Essentially, the broker assisting you will only be paid their commission by the landlord after you take possession of the apartment. Once they receive their commission, you'll receive a check for your rebate. 

What apartments can I earn a rebate on?

You can earn a rebate on any no-fee apartment where the landlord is paying the brokerage fee. You'll find no-fee apartments throughout New York City, but the majority are located in high-rise buildings in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens. 

How do I get started?

If you're ready to get started and speak with a no-fee specialist now, fill out the form below to schedule a call. If you've already seen some no-fee listings that interest you don't hesitate to save them and mention them to your agent when calling as he/she will gladly be able to help schedule viewings at your convenience.