Best San Diego Suburbs

By PropertyClub Team
Dec 31st 2022
San Diego is a bustling city by the ocean with plenty of job opportunities and things to do. If you work in the city but want to live in a quieter setting that offers an easy commute, you’ll want to check out the 12 best San Diego suburbs in this report. 

hash-mark12 Best San Diego Suburbs

  1. Carlsbad
  2. Encinitas
  3. Solana Beach
  4. Del Mar
  5. Poway
  6. Chula Vista
  7. Coronado
  8. San Marcos
  9. Oceanside
  10. Santee
  11. Escondido
  12. La Mesa

hash-mark1. Carlsbad

The best San Diego suburb is Carlsbad, which is a popular tourist destination and also an excellent place to live. Carlsbad’s vibrant culture is evident from the gorgeous colors and plentiful shops. You’re never far from the beaches, which are some of the best in California. You can even witness the flowers that bloom in Carlsbad year-round.

There’s plenty to do for fun in this San Diego suburb. You can enjoy the Legoland theme park or visit one of the many golf courses like La Costa. There are coffee shops and cafes to eat at and tiny boutiques sure to have something you’ll love.

hash-mark2. Encinitas

Encinitas is just south of Carlsbad, and it’s another San Diego suburb that is worth checking out. With gorgeous beaches and awe-inspiring coastal caves, it’s easy to see why so many people call Encinitas home. In addition, there are many incredible neighborhoods in Encinitas, each with its own distinct feel, which you can explore before you move.

You can visit Stone Steps Beach or check out the San Diego Botanical Garden in your downtime. There are plenty of walking and biking trails for those who like to be outside. 

hash-mark3. Solana Beach

Solana Beach is another one of the best San Diego suburbs. It’s much smaller than others in the area, but it makes up for that in many ways. If you want to live close to the downtown area but hate the chaos of the city, Solana Beach is the solution you need in your life.

Golfers can take advantage of the Loma Santa Fe Executive Golf Course. You can enjoy one of the many hiking trails offered in the area or visit Fletcher Cove Park. You’ll never run out of adventures in Solana Beach.

hash-mark4. Del Mar

Those who love luxury will adore the Del Mar, a suburb of San Diego known for its multi-million dollar homes and mansions. The median home price in this luxury San Diego suburb is over $2 million. The unemployment rate in Del Mar is about 1%. 

Residents can shop for veggies at the Del Mar Farmers Market or hike on trails at Crest Canyon Park in their free time. You can also spend your day swimming and relaxing at any beaches located close to Del Mar.

hash-mark5. Poway

Poway is a San Diego suburb that is great for those looking for a small-town vibe. Though it’s one of the least-known suburbs in the area, Poway has a lot to offer. From the flexible home prices to the short drive to San Diego, anyone looking for a little peace of mind may enjoy life in this suburb.

There’s a farmer’s market for fresh food and parks to lounge in during warmer months. The Blue Sky Ecological Reserve offers breathtaking views, and the Old Poway Park provides access to comfortable locations. There’s even an abundance of flowers to enjoy.

hash-mark6. Chula Vista

Chula Vista is only a few miles away from the border, so those who like to vacation in Mexico can enjoy the proximity to the country. It’s full of gorgeous homes and even prettier views for residents to enjoy. You’re never far from the ocean in Chula Vista, and this San Diego suburb is only twenty minutes from downtown.

You can visit hiking trails and parks in places like Mountain Hawk Park. You can see the Living Coast Discovery Center or visit one of the many shopping centers in Chula Vista. 

hash-mark7. Coronado

Coronado is a gorgeous suburb, and the commute to San Diego is only about twenty minutes on a good day. What’s not to love? There is a diversity of home styles, so you’re sure to find one that fits your taste. It’s a safe place to call home in California.

For fun, you can hit some golf balls at the Coronado Golf Course or swim at the beach. You can even take your boat out on the water at Silver Strand State Beach. There’s so much to love.

hash-mark8. San Marcos

San Marcos feels different than the suburbs located right on the beach. Here, you’ll find a laid-back vibe without the chaos of beach traffic. This San Diego suburb is home to Palomar College and the University of California San Marcos, so it has a youthful and exciting vibe.

There’s an extravagant dining scene in San Marcos, with plenty of restaurants to enjoy. Residents can also visit Discovery Lake and South Lake for recreational activities or enjoy the Twin Oaks Golf Course for a day on the green.

hash-mark9. Oceanside

Oceanside is a San Diego suburb that offers a glimpse at city living while still providing the laid-back feel of an ocean town. In the past few years, high-rises and new homes have made this place a popular destination for new homeowners. It’s only a thirty-minute drive to San Diego downtown from Oceanside.

Here, you can find plenty of food to eat and art to enjoy. The Oceanside Museum of Art offers a relaxing few hours of observation and plenty of shops to enjoy. It’s a very walkable town.

hash-mark10. Santee

Santee is one of the best San Diego suburbs for commuters. It offers one of the shortest commute times to the city, as it only takes about twenty minutes to get from this suburb to San Diego, which is ideal for those working in the city. There are plenty of housing options to select from on the market. Santee is one of the more affordable San Diego suburbs.

You can enjoy the Santee Trolley Square Shopping Center or one of the other many name-brand retailers nearby. Or you can take a hike at the Mission Trails Regional Park. Golf lovers will enjoy the gorgeous Carlton Oaks Golf Course.

hash-mark11. Escondido

Escondido is one of the oldest suburbs in the area. Incorporated in 1888, there’s a solid mix of old and new to love in the area. It’s a short drive to the city, and there are many educational opportunities for young families to try out.

Here, you’ll find the exciting San Diego Zoo Safari Park and the California Center of the Arts. You can go camping at Dixon Lake or visit one of the many historical sites throughout the suburb. 

hash-mark12. La Mesa

La Mesa is one of the prettiest suburbs San Diego offers, with gorgeous views of the hills and sky. It’s also only nine miles away from San Diego, making it one of the more convenient suburbs. Although it’s pricey, the cost is worth the convenience and beauty.

There are many dining options in La Mesa. From Pete’s Place to The Regal Bar, you can eat at a new place every day of the week. It feels like a town much smaller than it is, with the nightlife of a big city.